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Art School Archetypes

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Guys, back when I was a wee lassie just out of high school, I decided to go to art school. Well, really, I made a confused stab at art school by attending a local junior college with a subpar reputation and an awesome art department. I decided I hated getting feedback on art (duh?) so I quit the program and basically stopped doing art forever which is…the complete opposite of what I ought to have done. I mean, it was the Clinton era. When we graduated from high school in 97 the actual advice we got was to “do what you love and the money will follow”. Can you imagine the collective brain fart cloud that we were all standing in for adult professionals to give that advice to children? But, that’s how the times were, “do what you love and the money will follow”. We had no reason to think that the only way you could make a thin nickel was to get a PhD in Biochemistry so you can be some Managing Editor’s assistant. But? Now we know.

This is all to say that I am considering going back to art school. It’s just devil-may-care and irresponsible enough to be funsies. I keep thinking that I need to have my company’s permission to go after a degree; the logic being that I only want to do a degree that they’ll pay for. This is solid logic, right? However, what if I’m not looking for a JOB? What if I’m just looking for something that’s pleasing to my soul? What if I’m looking to see what doors may open that I don’t even realized are closed to me right now? What if this degree just scratches an itch in my soul so that my soul doesn’t get sucked out by corporate America? (I work in a great company that I love but working for the man is always going to be a little soul sucking just because it is.)

I’d have to do it part time and I’d need to be a mix of “The Feminist”, “The Older Lady”, “The Mother” (although I’m not one), or “The Outsider”. Whatever. The fun thing about going to art school as “The Olde One” is that I don’t have to be pulled into whatever type of art school drama nonsense that exists. I’d be an invisible “area” that the other students wouldn’t bother much with. I could do what I came to do and GTFO without feeling the pressure to socialize. That kind of sounds sad and anti-social but I know me preeeeetty preeeetty well.

This may not even happen because it really looks unlikely that I’d be able to attend any local art school part-time or out of pocket. Because I live near NYC, I have an embarrassment of awesome art schools near me but (assuming I could get in), they are so expensive and require a full-time level of participation and that counts me out. I sent a note to my alma mater to see what they’d think about it and who knows? *Fingers crossed*

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