Meditate, Exercise, and Read


II of Swords. Image from here.

Yesterday, I pulled some tarot cards and the message I got was basically, “If you open your heart, a mentor will appear.” Last night, I ended up unexpectedly going to a local “metaphysical” shop that we like to visit sometimes. I ended up talking to the owner for a while and while I am not trying to make her into my mentor, she and I had a great conversation that guided me towards some things I’ve been looking for. I bought the Radiant Rider-Waite tarot deck while I was there and pulled some cards this morning. The end card told me to “meditate, exercise, and read” which is coincidentally what I’ve decided to focus on lately.

I have been searching for balance and contentment a lot lately. To this end, I’ve been trying to meditate and searching for things that will give me peace and calm. My relationship with religion is pretty much like everyone else’s. I grew up with a religion that was passed down to me by my family but for many reasons, it wasn’t for me (Catholicism). I am really interested in religion but moreso from a historical and objective viewpoint. I respect everyone’s beliefs because the truth is that none of us know for sure what the truth is. I envy people who have that kind of structure in their life. My mother always tells me that I’ll “be back” but I don’t think I will; unless it’s to join a church run by LGBTQ priests who are women, I can’t see it. (Even then, I’d definitely attend a mass for fun and interest but I don’t think it would draw me to it but who knows.)

I’ve always been interested in Paganism and Wicca. Paganism, especially, interests me. I know that Wicca is under the umbrella of Paganism. Still, there seems to be a fussiness to Wicca that I don’t know if I could get into in my daily life. Honestly, I don’t know enough about it yet to truly comment so don’t hold me to that statement. I’m still learning about both subjects and have barely scraped the surface.

Anyway, religion was a subject that I kept pursuing in college whenever possible. I’ve always been interested in spirituality and I felt compelled to try to understand more about various religions as a way to understand more about humanity. Basically, the thread the pulled through all those classes was that it’s all one religion with various interpretations. That realization was very comforting to me and it made me realize that you can boil all religion down to the golden rule AND that all religious figureheads are basically archetypes of complicated thoughts, emotions, personality types, and situations. So fascinating.

WHICH brings me to the tarot. The tarot has always interested me. First, it interested me because I literally thought it could divine the future. Then it bored me because I felt like any psychic worth her salt shouldn’t need cards to tell her what I’m thinking. Then I realized that both of these ideas were silly. I started learning how to read them years ago for fun but I never took it seriously and I certainly didn’t bother to try to learn anything about it. Last year, a friend told me he used them for writing prompts and I thought that was a great idea. Since I’ve been doing it though, I’ve found it to be a very satisfying almost meditative tool. Basically, at this point, I feel like they’re just sort of a structure to think about the issues going on in your life from different viewpoints. When you shuffle, you think of a question. When you pull the cards and lay them into position, you are attaching meaning to where they’re laid. When you flip the card over, you’re interpreting the card and its position in relation to the question you asked. This gives you clarity because you’re forced to look at the question you asked in relation to the cards you pulled. I’ve found that this practice has helped me consider my roles, my work, my relationships, and my issues in new ways. It’s been pretty interesting. The other thing that interest me in the tarot is what an old and secret tradition it is. Apparently, no one for sure knows where it originated although there are some theories. The bottom line is that it has been inspiring me and I’m just going to let it.



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