I miss the UK


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Last summer at this time, we were getting ready to go on a two week trip to the UK; specifically Scotland and England. We had no idea what to expect on this trip, having never been there before. We didn’t know what things would cost, we didn’t know how or if we’d connect with my family members there, and we really weren’t sure what we’d do once we got there. We had plane tickets and were only just starting to book AirBNBs. I wish we were going back! With Brexit happening, who knows if it’ll be easier or harder to go the UK now. I think, weirdly enough, that things will stay just the same for people with US passports but will just be harder for those in Europe. Ridiculous. Politics aside, we really loved it there and wish we could go back. Just a day or two before Brexit happened, we were fantasizing about moving there. Maaaaaaaaybe not.

UK - Celtic

Here we are at a Celtic game in Glasgow, Scotland. Man alive did I get in trouble with my family for this. “Don’t you know you’re a Ranger fan?!” No, I did not.

One of the things about the UK (from what we’ve seen renting AirBNB flats and visiting family) is that basically no one keeps an automatic drip coffee maker in their house. It’s the weirdest thing. In every flat or house we visited though, there was a jar of Nescafe Gold instant coffee. In the US, we’re shamed out of drinking instant coffee. If you drink instant coffee, “You should be ashamed of yourself.” I only have positive memories of instant coffee though. It’s what my Mom kept in the house because my father didn’t like the smell of a pot of coffee. Instead, she made instant and that’s the first cup of coffee that I ever had. At the time, I preferred the taste of instant to drip but then switched over and never looked back UNTIL we were in the UK.

A lot of the flats provided Nescafe Gold for us but when they didn’t, we just bought it ourselves for 2-3 pounds and then travelled with it if possible OR rebought it at the next place. I really got to love the flavor of it and once we got home, I found that I was able to buy it on Amazon. Since last September when we got home, the only coffee we keep in the house is Nescafe Gold. It kind of tastes like diner coffee and reminds me of our awesome trip. We ran out the other day and I happened to have bought Instant Coffee from Trader Joe’s on an internet recommendation that it was good. When I was in Chicago recently, I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up some groceries and I bought little instant coffee packets that came with the milk and sugar in them already. They weren’t bad but I stopped taking sugar in my coffee a few months ago so it was kind of a lot. I wanted to try the instant coffee on its own. It’s not bad but it’s not Nescafe Gold.

UK - Breakfast

One of our breakfasts in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Also, one thing that I loved about our trip was our breakfast in the morning. I should re-create it here. Basically, what we had every day was a croissant, some cheese (usually white cheddar), and fresh fruit like grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. At home, we have fruit like that every morning with Greek yogurt and rye toast. Still, I’d like to recreate our UK breakfast sometime. It was so satisfying.

We’ll plan again to go. I don’t know whether I want to go back again so soon or travel somewhere else. I think anywhere we go, we’re going to love it so we might as well decide to see somewhere new. However, I don’t think that Edinburgh (in particular) will ever stop pulling us towards it.



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