This weekend

June 26 - NYC Pride

Us in front of the Hillary Clinton campaign float.

I am just writing a short thing for now because I don’t have much time BUT we had a fun pride weekend. I’m still tired from it, actually. We took so many more pictures than this and I want to sit down and post them because they’re pretty with all the rainbows, etc. I have to go get ready for work though. Weekends this busy  make me wish I had another day to recuperate; fun as they are.

June 26 - NYC Pride 2

Kristyn in front of the HRC float decked out in LGBTQ and Hillsies garb.

Before I go, I just want to say that I’m really happy to have started blogging again. What I like about it is that it compels me to sit down and write about my life. I post pictures of things we do and I like to go back and see all these pictures in a row. Sometimes it’s hard to see your life from the outside. When you’ve compiled a series of events in words and pictures though, you can scroll through and look at them all together. It all emerges to show the pattern of a beautiful life. It’s easy to forget good things as soon as they happen to you because we’re always onto the next thing. However, when I make the time to document our lives, I never regret it.

June 27 - Tarot

V The Hierophant, IX of Cups, O The Fool

One last thing, I pulled three cards (above); The Hierophant, IV of Cups, and The Fool. The Hierophant is a mentor. It recommends that I take the next step towards my goals and take a class. If I open my heart, a mentor will appear. The IX of Cups is bliss and contentment. It says that I’m already on my way to harmony. The fool represents naivete. It also says that I’ve already started a journey. While I’m still innocent in this journey, it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly. Exciting!

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