Shirley’s Head and Feet

June 22 - Shirley Head

Shirley’s head.

Kristyn took these two pictures the other day of “Our Patron Saint of Chaos”, one Ms. Shirley Jackson. In the above picture, I want to point out her head. It’s a cute head. It’s a good head. In the below picture, I want to point out her feet. They are crazy, slapping feet and they look so teeny in this picture that it makes me squeal.

Girlfriend is in her teenager phase (at five months old) and she’s been rascally as fudge. She keeps finding things and destroying them. Just this morning, she found a mystery novel and ate a good chunk of the cover. She ate one of Kristyn’s books too. She ate my flip flop the other day. I won’t go into what her true obsession is but it rhymes with “cat box”. (No, it just is that. It’s the cat box, ugh.) Despite her…areas of opportunity…she is a doll faced-weirdo head and we love her. I think we’ll stop trying to give her to passersby and relatives that we are trying to take revenge on. Look at that freckled nose. For that alone, she’s a keeper.


June 22 - Shirley Head 2

Shirley’s feet.

Look at those gahdamn feet and nosey!

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