Update: Good times

Lindy West at Strand

L-R: Kristyn, Liz, Lindy West, moi

Last night we went to go see Lindy West do a reading at the Strand. It was really funny and I’m glad we went. We got to take the above picture with Lindy and we got a copy of her new book, Shrill, signed. We went with Kristyn’s colleague, Liz. She and I hadn’t met before but she’s a real pal. Afterwards, we wandered around the store and bought everything. Actually, I put back the actual real books I was going to buy and bought a book bag and some novelty pins. I really needed a book bag that I can use to carry my camera around. I want to get better at photography and the only way to do that is to actually take a photo with my camera once in a while. I just bought a camera bag insert to use inside the bag. *Fingers crossed that it fits*.

UPDATE: Lindy posted a picture of US on her instagram account:

Lindy West Instagram.PNG

Oh AND the House Democrats are doing a sit-in about gun control! This is absolutely insane and wonderful. We watched it as we went to sleep last night and I put it on again this morning. They’re still there, talking and Periscoping. Good on them. The Republicans adjourned until July 5th so we’ll have to see what the Dems do now. I have a feeling they’ll adjourn soon too. They are now kind of saying “We’ll keep fighting and resume on July 5th” which tells me that they’re tired and they wanna go home. It’s interesting nonetheless. I’m proud of them for standing up for this.

Also, I pulled tarot cards today that basically said, “Stop being so insanely insecure and paranoid. Focus on calming your ridiculous mind. IF you do that, something big is on the horizon but for God’s sake, please go at it with a calm and logical mind.” Thanks boo.

June 23 - Tarot

Father of Cups, IV of Swords, Ace of Wands



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