Peace and Calm

June 21 - Kristyn

Kristyn on Solstice in the light of the Strawberry Moon.

I know it’s sort of difficult to see Kristyn in the picture above but look at that picture above! The sky was crazy gorgeous last night and the moon was huge! Yesterday was the Summer Solstice and the Strawberry Moon. Read about it here. I didn’t realize it until it was too late but still, it was beautiful. We sat outside until 9pm. The sun still hadn’t completely set but it was getting dark.

I just read my tarot cards and they basically said “No matter what kind of things stress you out, don’t be reactive. Instead, go inside yourself, calm down, and come back with a rational mind. Remember happy memories and live that life instead.” I like that. I needed to hear that.

June 21 - Tarot

III of Swords, IV of Swords, and VI of Cups

This morning I had to exercise in the study. In the morning, I do a weird fun thing. I like to put on a sitcom and dance to it. Basically, I’m just dancing, stretching, and moving around while watching TV. It’s good because I get steps in, I laugh a lot, I get my heart rate up, and there’s a built-in end point (aka the episode ends). It’s a good way to get a half hour of exercise in a day without making myself crazy. It’s not exactly strenuous but it makes me feel a lot better physically and mentally. I feel calm, happy, energized, and loose afterwards. ANYWAY, Shirley has a new deal where she likes to stay within a foot of me while I’m doing this. This new thing just started this week. So, as I’m dancing, she’s slamming into me, dropping toys at my feet, jumping up on me, and getting accidentally stepped on. So, today, I took my pony show into the study. It wasn’t as awesome as watching the show on a big screen but I have to admit that the privacy was nice. I didn’t have to listen to the cats cry to be fed or worry about stepping on Shirley or whether she was going to drop a super hard toy just under my foot. Plus, more time spent in this room is what I need. It’s become sort of a sanctuary and I always feel better when I spend time in here. I’m glad we made this room.

I’d better go get ready. Elvira needs her insulin. I need breakfast and to go hop in the shower. Kristyn has to GTFO out of here to worksies. Bye.

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