Father’s Day

Father's Day - Laurita Winery - Wine

Us being nerds in our shades.

Yesterday, for Father’s Day, we went to Laurita Winery for their Food Truck Festival. It was a really awesome day. We just walked around drinking wine and eating stuff. We had Cheese Curds that made us slap each other, they were so good. SMOKEY KETCHUP. Then we had veggie tacos. I think they were honey lime sweet potatoes. Oh god, so good. We also did a wine tasting, had a glass of sangria, bought some cigars, and had some flavored ice. Kristyn’s flavored ice was “snake bite” which was strawberry and coconut. I got pineapple and coconut. The cigar we smoked some of was cocoa-flavored.

It was SO hot though. Still, we had a good setup in a wooded area with live music so everyone was happy. Afterwards, we drove home and went swimming at LA Fitness. The pool was boiling hot though so it wasn’t exactly refreshing. Still, it was nice to float around and then get clean. We ate dinner and then went to bed early to watch Orange is the New Black. All around good weekend!

Father's Day - Laurita Winery - Curds

Kristyn and the cheese curds. Not pictured: smokey ketchup.

Father's Day - Laurita Winery - Taco Truck

Kristyn and the taco truck while she waited for our food.

Father's Day - Laurita Winery - Taco

Here is me forcing Kristyn to let me take a picture of her while she ate said taco. It was so good and fresh.

Father's Day - Laurita Winery - Cigar

Here we are at the cigar area.

Father's Day - Laurita Winery - Icebox

Then we decided to get flavored ice. We’ve been ice cream-o-haulics lately but we went with this because of how ridiculous it looked.

Father's Day - Laurita Winery - Ice

OMG look at this thing. It was good too. Kristyn kept saying “This saved my life” because it was nice to have refreshing ice after eating and drinking and smoking all those things haha.

Father's Day - Laurita Winery - Fam

Kristyn’s sister (Lynn), brother (Charlie), and father (Dad haha). Kristyn also pictured (ha).

Father's Day - Laurita Winery - Height

This was part of a picture series called “Who is taller?” I have to tell you, one person definitely wins in each picture but it was Father’s Day so I’m uploading the one where it seems like they’re the same height haha.


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