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IV of Wands, IX of Cups, VIII of Wands

Well, first before I talk about Tarot, I want to say that we switched around the furniture in this room (the study) and the dining room and it made such a big difference. We had a treadmill in here which isn’t often used. We decided to move it into the dining room and take most of the dining room chairs and put them into the basement. Basically, the dining room will now be “The Room of Requirement”. Because we still have the big table in there, we can use it for creative projects like drawing and sewing. The study feels so much better and bigger. It’s still a small room but now there’s room to move around in here. Thank god. Before, I loved this room but everything was so tightly packed that anytime I came in here, I knocked five things over just before I got to the chair OR immediately as soon as I sat down in it. Ah, the little things in life.

So, I’ve been pulling cards on a not-necessarily-daily basis still. I pull them when I sit at my desk. It’s kind of a meditative thing. I like the entire ritual of shuffling and separating the cards. When I shuffle, I think some version of “What should I focus on today?” If it’s the end of the day, I’ll ask a different question. When I was doing it daily and being really strict about writing the entire thing out, I kept pulling negative cards and taking them SO LITERALLY. I was letting it ruin my mood. For why? They are, at base, supposed to be fun. At best, they are supposed to “guide” you, not “command” you. The bottom line for me is that they are beautiful cards that are so nice to hold in your hand and look at. The artwork is so pretty and calming. There is a guidebook alongside it that I genuinely love to read. Sometimes I struggle with the fact that with this deck, I’m not really learning the traditional tarot. Because I am a nerd, I like to go straight to the source and I’d love to learn what the traditional Rider-Waite deck means. But I don’t like that deck! OR really, I haven’t given it a chance. I’m just kind of letting myself “enjoy” this deck without imposing a need to “study” it. I figure I’ll learn naturally OR, I’ll just enjoy it when I remember to do it.

The cards I pulled today are not ones that I normally do. I didn’t want to pull cards that I normally do and that “wish” was granted. Basically, these three cards (above) together say that a blissful and prosperous time of change is coming up and that I should celebrate. My reading last night said something similar. It said that my insecurities and perceptions are getting in the way of the clear progress and success I could have. It said that I should lean into change. I actually do feel hopeful lately; paranoid but hopeful. I can’t help the “paranoid” part. That’s just my brain being itself.

I’m going to go eat breakfast. Mama is hungry!

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