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One other thing I should mention. Today, we both took our first class at Gotham Writers’ Workshop. It was a one day seminar on Comics and Graphic Novels with Tom Brennan. It was a great class. I wish it were longer or that there was a followup class. This is a subject I’ve always been interested in and I’d like to learn so much more about it. The thing is, I’ve always been interested in writing but (like everyone else in the free world), I get stuck on HOW to craft something sensical. Like how do I plot it? I’ve been writing a mystery novel for like two years and my mind is a blank when I try to figure out whodunnit. I’ve stopped going forward but really, I just need to sit the hell down and do it.

Honestly and for truly though, this class kind of helped me with that even too. This was focused on the writing part of comics and graphic novels which was such a help. I keep wondering how you create an outline to get started on. I’m not the world’s best drawer but I’d like to try to write comics. I read a lot of them (if you check my Goodreads books on the sidebar). I also read a lot of memoir and fiction. What I love about graphic novels is the artwork and artistry of the storytelling. What is  useful about it from a writer’s standpoint is that you don’t have time to expound on a topic for long. You just have to boil it to its essence and move the story forward because the images can’t hold a lot of text and the action is in the images. Oh, I could go on. But anyway, it was a really nice way to spend a day.

I should mention, however, there was a 19 year old kid in the class. I’m sure he was a nice person BUT he annoyed every single person in the class because if the teacher had let him, he would have talked incessantly. As it was, he had a comment for everything and they were literally all unnecessary. The teacher was great though because he kept purposefully though kindly shutting it down. Some teachers relax into this kind of disruption for some reason and that makes me mad at both the disruptor AND the teacher. I liked this teacher’s directness. If he ever teachers a level 2 or a longer class, I’ll be sure to take it.

Anyway, I have an online class through them starting in July. I also signed us both up for two free classes during their open house soon. I’m excited about it. It was a really nice day to go into the city early and learn something fun without the pressure of a grade that leads to a degree. It was nice to just go and freely learn something; get to know some other people for the day in a relaxed setting. Good times. 10/10 would do again.

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