Hillary Clinton Navy Yard

Image borrowed from here.

Pals, on Monday, the AP declared Hillary Clinton to be the presumptive nominee prior to Tuesday’s primaries. No one totally knows why they did it but they did. As exciting as it was, it was also frustrating because if Bernie had taken New Jersey and California, there would have been major egg on Clinton’s face. She handled it well and we all voted on Tuesday. The returns came back so definitively in Clinton’s favor that she was able to be legitimately called the presumptive nominee on Tuesday.

On that Tuesday, Kristyn and I went and voted first thing in the morning. All day, I nervously checked the news, looking for exit polls or anything to tell me how she might be doing but I knew we wouldn’t hear back until at least 8pm. Weirdly, we had tickets to go see Stephen King talk at the old Loew’s Theater in Jersey City. It was a pretty decent distraction. More on that later. We finally got home and flipped between MSNBC and CNN to watch the returns. Hillary was pretty quickly named the winner of New Jersey and then the Presumptive Nominee. When she got on the stage at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, we cried. It’s just so amazing to see this in my lifetime. Let’s get her into that White House.


Maude as a Congressperson. Image from here.

The other thing that makes me feel really inspired is that I just finished Maude today. In the final episode, this confident, intelligent, feminist, hilarious character gets appointed to be a Congressperson for New York. In this last episode, she goes to DC and meets her staff. The episode is odd because it’s not in the standard set and it sets up brand new characters as her staff. I loved it though and I wish they’d spun this series off. I would have loved to see how Maude handled being in Congress. I don’t think that TV was quite ready for that in 1978 so we’re lucky we got the window into it that we did.

One of my major regrets in life is that I never got to cross paths with Bea Arthur or Rue McClanahan. I DID, however, get to sort of meet Betty White at an event a few years back. Weirdly enough, I was trying to help State Senator Washington State Senator Maureen Walsh meet her backstage at the GLAAD Media Awards. Betty White’s Hot in Cleveland costars Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick stopped us from talking to her. It was sweet how protective they were of her. Anyway, Bea Arthur is just my total idol and just someone I wish I could be like. I don’t know how she was as a person and sometimes when I read about her, I’m not sure how much I would have liked Bea the person. However, the verve and strength she infused into the characters she played inspires me to no end. Maude and Dorothy were complicated characters with a biting wit and more intelligence than anyone in the room. People always criticized Bea Arthur for not being feminine enough but I love that she didn’t prioritize femininity to get her point across. I’m sure it was painful for her to always have jokes directed at her insinuating that she was masculine because she had a commanding presence and deep voice. However, I hope she realized how unique and memorable this really made her. I must say, I also love Rue McClanahan too. She was so great on Maude and on the Golden Girls. I have a surprise around Rue that I’ll share soon. It’s gonna be rad. One other thing is that I’m currently also watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show and I think that Rhoda is just about to leave. I’m DREADING THIS as Rhoda is my total style icon and LOL center. However, Betty White joins the cast just as Sue Anne Nivens just as Rhoda leaves. Also, that means I get to watch Rhoda. I’m sure I’ll survive.

One last thing I want to share in this post and then I have to go. I pulled three tarot cards today asking a question about a personal entrepreneurial project that I want to start. The cards I pulled were:

Tarot - June 9.jpg

Ace of Cups, XVII The Star, and VI of Swords

I’m excited about this spread because the Ace of Cups means “the beginning of an exciting new phase”, XVII The Star means “Hope, Peace of Mind”, and VI of Swords means “Hope at Last, Travel”. This is the sort of spread I’ve been hoping for. This means that I’m on the right track somewhere. I just need to really pursue it. What I want to pursue is a many-pronged plan that starts very small and slowly but builds to larger things. I’ve been mapping it out in my head and it’s starting to come into focus. I just need to get to work and I’m almost there. Okay bye!


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