We were originally not supposed to go upstate but then our friend wanted to go so we were like “Alright, do let’s.” But then she couldn’t go so we got in touch with our inner Magic 8 balls and said “Selves? Do we really feel like being in the car for two hours there and two hours back?” Our inner Magic 8 balls said “I really don’t think so.” So now, because we are incapable of truly relaxing, we are painting our bedroom. This has been on my “Endless List of Things to Accomplish” since last summer so although I feel kind of like “Let’s take constant breaks” about it, I’m so happy that it’s finally getting done.

One thing that I doubt I posted about last summer was that our bedroom ceiling fell down. It was a drop ceiling so it wasn’t THAT dramatic but STILL. The guy that the landlord hired would just show up suddenly with no warning while we were at work and we’d get in trouble for “being at work” when this guy wanted to fix the ceiling. So then we’d make a plan for him to come and he’d never show up. Then sometimes we’d be walking out the door and he’d show up suddenly with tools. We’d cancel our plans and sit around waiting for him only to find that he’d gone without telling us, who knows how long ago, and left all the doors open to whoever might want to wander in. We put up with it until the actual ceiling was put up. The one last thing he had to do (besides painting) was put the ceiling fan back up. He left a hole in the ceiling with wires dangling casually out. The ceiling fan was on the floor in the middle of everything. Two weeks we dealt with a hole in the ceiling. We told our landlord and he said “Oh put the fan in the basement and buy a standing lamp.” Absolutely  not. I told the landlord that if he could get that guy to come back and hook up the ceiling fan, I’d paint the ceiling. He said fine and here we are almost 12 months later. Every day for all this time I’ve been like “Ugh we need to paint this room!” We never had the time or the get-up-and-go until today. I am SO RELIEVED that it’s finally being painted and primed. I am, however, drinking coconut rum and seltzer to get through the experience. You do what you gotta to survive in the mean streets I guess.


The pictures above are our “before” picture. I had forgotten to take the picture before we started taking things down so it’s not a true “before” picture. We had taken off the blankets, taken down the curtains, and the whole room isn’t in the picture. The room is TINY but out of all of the rooms in the house, it’s the one that’s felt the best to sleep in so far. Also don’t judge our dusty ceiling fan. Well, no fine. It’s okay to judge it. I’m judging it.

I’ll post an “after” picture once we’re done with all the painting. I’m also hungry but that’s another story.


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