Tew Dew


Shirley and the campground doggie, Lily, partying in the morning.

I need to do the following things:

  1. Stop procrastinating (like I am now).
  2. Clean the damn house (like I’m supposed to be doing now).
  3. Wash all my clothes (like I’m supposed to be doing now).
  4. Pack for camping (like I’m supposed to be doing now).
  5. Stop thinking about work stuff when I’m at home. Home is for home. Work is for work.
  6. Re-cultivate my weirdness and creativity. I used to be silly in my spare time. Somehow I got serious and that Coleen is not a fun Coleen. That Coleen is a constantly worried Coleen.

A super weird picture that I took of my drink and the top of Kristyn’s forehead in the trailer.

One thing I want to give myself credit for though is this:

I’ve been prioritizing my mornings for a while and dedicating them to becoming more of the person that I want to be. I’ve been getting up early, exercising, spending time with friends, swimming, eating right, reading, writing, dancing, and laughing. Once I do all that, THEN I go to work. Seriously, haha. From 5am to 10am, I focus on Coleen stuff. Then I go to work and focus on work stuff.

From the hours of 7pm to 10pm, I’ve been focused on feeding the animals, cleaning up their messes, eating dinner, and passing out. I’m very happy with how I’ve made my mornings. It’s making me a much happier person. I have one weekday night where I have a scheduled appointment and that’s making me happier, or at least calmer too. I want to fill up my nights with positive, happy stuff like how I’ve filled up my mornings.

On the weekends, we’ve been going upstate Friday night through Sunday night these past two weeks. It’s heaven up there but the fallout is that our apartment is a GD dump because  we’re busy with self-improvement in the mornings, work during the day, and chores at night that DO NOT include cleaning the damn bathroom.


I’m re-reading the first book of Buffy Season 8 and I just liked this still image of Willow a lot.



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