HRC at Rutgers!


Guys, we met Hillary Clinton! She came to Rutgers Newark yesterday so we took the day off and went down to the rally. New Jersey’s primary is next Tuesday, June 7th and in this election, New Jersey can be the deciding factor as to whether or not HRC locks up the delegate votes to win the nomination. That picture of us above is crazy but Hillsies is there so what do we care?

We also got to take our picture with Cory Booker (below)! We had a chance to joke around with him a little bit. He stayed out longer and with way less security than Hillsies did (obviously).


Here is a picture of us in the crowd. We’d been there waiting for hours to get in so our dogs were barking but we were happy and hanging onto sanity by a very thin thread (but so sososososososo happy to do it.)


And THIS PART below: Jon Bon Jovi was there. If ten year old Coleen could possibly know that she’d be this close to Jon Bon Jovi, she would have fast-forwarded her life to get here. Gurl is HANDSOME. When he got married to his wife, Dorothea, when I was a kid, I seethed with jealousy. He is still with her and at one point, Hillary mentioned Dorothea and that olde rage bubbled up again even though I was standing next to my loverly wife, Krissy. It’s okay, she get me (and she was also admiring one Mr. Bon Jovi’s good looks).


Here’s a picture of the podium and the people behind her. This is the view you see on TV but usually not like this.


After the rally, when Cory Booker came over, Kristyn had just gotten off the phone with her Mom. I told Kristy to give her a call back and we asked Senator Booker to say hello which he obliged. It was pretty funny and here he is talking to her.


While we were waiting for Hillary to come around and take pictures, the Secret Service gathered some stuff from people to sign. Mostly people had books and pictures. I offered up a Hillary Clinton “Ready for Action” figure. She signed the backside and it’s making me LOL forever. This is now a treasure! All in all, it was a great day off of work and no matter what happens next, I’m so glad we had the opportunity to meet this powerful feminist icon. I will vote next Tuesday and do what I can to make her our first Madam President!


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