Habit Stacking

Lately, I just want everything to be really orderly, and on a schedule, and really predictable. I’ve always been a off the cuff type of a person but I’m starting to realize that it isn’t how I thrive. I resent familiarity but it’s the only way that I can ever feel like I’m on track. I don’t want to become the sort of fussy person who can never stray from my habits but I also cannot continue to be the sort of person who is constantly on a hamster wheel trying to figure things out. I need to just FIGURE THINGS OUT and move on from there. I’m an adult. Stability and routine don’t have to be “cool” to be good for me. Lately I’ve been recognizing a lot of things that make me feel my best and incorporating them into my routine. I guess I’m using “habit stacking” to tie one thing to the next. But now that I’ve found what things make me feel my best, I am frustrated if I don’t allow myself to do these things because I know how good it’s possible to feel; and really, truly, it’s the “allowing myself” part that’s always been the problem. I’ll have to consider that line of thought. Anyway, for now, I have to GTFO because we have something important to do today. JKLOL, ta for now.

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