That Upstate Life


Last weekend, we went upstate for the first time this season. It was so relaxing, it was incredible. I finished two books and started a new one between Friday night and Sunday afternoon. This included taking a four hour nap on Saturday and a three hour nap on Sunday. I was like jello.


We were both lazy bones but you know who was not? One Ms. Shirley Jackson. She was in a lather. She loved it up there so much. I think she must have sniffed every blade of grass up in that piece. Since we were being lazy, it was fun to watch her wander around and get in trouble while we perched on our thrones. Her natural instinct is to immediately intertwine herself with as many chairs and tables as possible, so that was fun to watch her navigate. (It was less fun to constantly have to get up to do the unwinding but we pick our battles, don’t we?)

FullSizeRender 2

It was rainy all weekend but that was okay because that’s really my favorite kind of trailer weekend. Because we have a trailer that has running water, a bathroom, electricity, a fridge, a stove, beds, and a grill, we’re straight chilling in a rain storm.  I say this not to brag but because even when we didn’t have this trailer, we still camped but in tents. The tents were NOT as fun or as convenient as the trailer is for sure. The way it rains up there, when you’re in your tent, you’re worrying about:

  1. Will the tent flood?
  2. If the tent floods, will all your food, clothes, and bed get soaked?
  3. Will the metal on the tent poles get us electrocuted by lightening?
  4. We always has a pet with us so: Will the pet have a heart attack from stress?

Also, if it should thunder; that’s awesome and nerve-wracking. The thunder bounces off the mountains up there and REALLY sounds like the Nana God is bowling.


Anyway, I take this above picture every summer and I’m looking increasingly older in it. Damn you, aging.

One of the books I read was a short graphic novel called Adulthood is a Myth: A Sarah’s Scribbles Collection. It was cute and I found it by accident but I really loved it. Here are two images from it that made me LOL. Sorry they’re so dark. I screenshotted them on my iPad which I had down to a dark brightness. I think they sum up adult life nicely:


To the point above: I try not to have too much dysfunction with food. Food is food. It’s value neutral. Food does not have the capacity to be “bad” or “good”. It just is what it is. Of course, there are higher quality and lower quality options and I have a lot of irritation about HOW food is sold to us and HOW food is made and WHAT kind of food is affordable to WHO but that’s a separate discussion. The bottom line is, I’ve found that for me, I can’t put a “morality” on food such as “good” or “bad” or it controls me, I don’t control it. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think much about food these days. I’m a vegetarian for the past 14ish years and I know what I like and I’m starting to learn what makes me feel my best. I think that’s a success. The more I learn what makes me feel the best, the less I’m willing to tolerate the things that make me feel miserable. As the comic above says “YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE.” It made me LOLercopter.

To the point below: Story of my gahdamn life.


P.S. I just realized that I’m a bad Mama because Elvira is not pictured above. She was with us on this trip but spent most of the time sleeping in the trailer because she wasn’t feeling well. The very first night we were there, while we were sleeping, she ate AN ENTIRE BAG of Shirley’s treats while that we accidentally left out on the counter. Gurl has diabeetus so trouble abounds. That was a HUGE vet bill this week. We’re lucky we had it on hand. So, we’re now knee deep in BG strips, insulin vials, and kitty hypodermic needles. It’s a glamorous life we lead, haha. She is starting to feel better. I know this because she’s starting to squirm when I stick  her. Soon she’ll be kicking me and I’ll know she’s 100%.

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    • Haha, well, I was gonna say “Goddess” but “God” is always shown as a Grandpa. Since God is a woman, she’d have to be the Nana God. Like, that’s Nana up there knocking down pins.

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