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Last week I was away from home in Chicago all week for work. I am grateful that I have a job that gives me opportunities like these. I’m also grateful to be home with Kristyn and the menagerie. I’m also grateful to be back at regular work with my coworkers and my desk.

I haven’t been doing tarot lately. It just fell of my schedule, both intentionally and non-intentionally. I kept getting a string of really negative cards and it made me less relaxed than I started out. Since, for me, the point was relaxing, I decided to take a break from it. The other day, we were watching the streaming of Obama talking to the 2016 class at Rutgers New Brunswick (which could’ve been me!) and I pulled a few cards. I got the same old same old cards that tell me that I need to FOCUS instead of pulling my brain in a million directions. Fair enough. Just now, I pulled three cards:


The IX of Wands means that you’ve come so far, now is not the time to get weary. Keep your eye on the prize. The VI of Wands means that you are rising out of what has been troubling you and so long as you keep out of the fray, you’ll continue on a path to success. It also means that a new life could be around the corner. The Lovers (VI) is a major arcana card that means that you should be grateful for a close relationship that is an equal partnership. I like these cards today.

Also, I should mention that since I last posted, I’ve been on a health mission. I’m doing all sorts of new things to improve my  health. It’s not that I’m in bad health (that I know of), in fact, the opposite is true. Other than some small, but obvious things, I’m pretty healthy. The weird thing in all of this is that at some point, I must have stopped seeing myself as a healthy person. I didn’t realize that I saw myself that way. Test results keep coming backs positively and I remember, “Oh that’s right, I’m fine.” The paranoia that creeps into your mind without you knowing it is nuts. It’s not crazy though when you see how many people are not in great health through no fault of their own. I think that if I really worked at it, I could be “healthy as a horse”. I just need to keep working at it. Now that this trip is behind me, I can get myself back onto my normal schedule. I have another two weeks coming up in the summer where my “normal” will be thrown off again but that’s fine. I think I need to do a better job of committing to my exercise schedule even when I’m away. I got a lot of exercise in Chicago but it wasn’t as much deliberate exercise as I’d have wanted. It was more a feature of being at a huge convention and walking everywhere.

Okay, I’m going to GTFO. Errybody have a great day!

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