It’s been almost a week since we’ve had Shirley. She’s such a sweetie heartie and she learns pretty fast. We’re training her how to go on the wee wee pad and she really hasn’t needed much training there. She is pretty self-reliant in that area; maybe too self-reliant because we only catch her before she goes to the bathroom about half the time. I don’t know if it’s that we’re not being diligent enough (I seriously doubt it) or if she just doesn’t tell us she’s doing it. I think it’s half and half.

When we first brought her home, she was fine to walk on the leash. Now she’s stubborn and will not move forward until you give her a treat although I think that she’s kind of coming around. I stopped taking her outside of the yard though because she seemed overwhelmed by all the cars and the wider world. After all, gurl is only 6 lbs. We’ll give her a break and let her acclimate to a more limited world aka the yard.

She’s getting along with the cats just fine. The cats aren’t put off by her. There have been minimal negative interactions with them and the ones that HAVE happened were so small. The tenor of them was like “slow down” not “go to hell”. She’s got a ton of wiggly energy so sometimes she doesn’t know manners. I’ve been trying to train her on manners though. She doesn’t pay that much attention to it but I think she knows what I’m trying to say because she DOES relax a little bit when I say “MANNERS” in a deep, but goofy way.

The one thing is, though, that gurl is tiring me OUT. I can never relax. When I’m at home, I’m constantly in motion. When I’m at work, my brain is constantly in motion. When I come home tonight, I’m going to spend time in the bedroom and/or front room just as a way to decompress. I feel bad doing that though because Little Miss is lonely and wants to see me. That said, if I don’t get my own head on right, I’ll end up hollering at her and I don’t want that. I already lost my temper with her this morning a bit.

Okay, I better go, she’s whining and I need to go dance to Maude. I just needed to type this out. BYE.

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