Shirley Jackson

Shirley Jackson - 1We are adopting a doggie! She is a Boston Terrier Mix that is currently named Ellice V. Newman but WILL be named Shirley Jackson in the future (next week). We haven’t actually met Shirley Jackson yet but we pick her up next weekend.

We are pretty excited about this. It’s been something we’ve been thinking about for a while off and on. I’m looking forward to taking her for walks. I’ve been trying to get onto a schedule where I walk daily for a while but can’t seem to get into it. Shirley Jackson will need to be walked at least twice a day with yard visits in between. I’m looking forward to the yard visits too. Last summer we didn’t spend any time in the yard at all and that bummed me out. Kristyn is not much of an outdoors person so it will be nice to have a pal with me outside. The yard is a gahdamn mess too so it’ll be good to have a really good reason to make it comfortable again. Anyway, here’s our gurl. More pictures next week. In the meantime, I drew a few pictures or her (forthcoming) and created an Instagram account for her for reasons unknown. I guess it just felt like something that Lorelai would encourage me to do.

Shirley Jackson - 3





2 thoughts on “Shirley Jackson

  1. So excited to meet her!!!

    Also I’d like to say that I AM an outdoors person, BUT i am an outdoors person when it’s hot and you are an outdoors person when it’s cool. So I think maybe we only overlap in our outdoors enjoyment when it’s in the 70s, lol…

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