V of Pentacles


I pulled the V of Pentacles today which I’ve never done before. This card is pretty. There is a black background with a dying red rose. The flower wilts as a petal drops off the bud. Above it, there is a string of Pentacles almost like a necklace. Zooming out, this looks like a woman’s black shirt and necklace, holding a rose at a funeral. I think this represents loss.

The book says, “Sadness, Worry, Illness.” “The five of pentacles is a card of hard times. It may come in the form of an illness, job loss, financial trouble, or rejection. Above all this there will be worry…so much worry. This anxiety is counterproductive and damaging. You must find a way to quiet the mind during this difficult time. Rely on meditation or visualization to find peace.”

Ugh every time I pull a card from this deck lately, I get the worst anxiety. I’m fine going into it but afterwards, the pit of my stomach is a wreck. I know better than to take this stuff literally. I think if there IS anything metaphysical about these cards (an idea on which I am NOT sold), the deck is reflecting the current state of my mind. I am always anxious and worried regardless of whether or not my fears are logical or completely paranoid. I am actively trying to relax though. Or, better said, I’m trying to find ways to channel my anxiety into productive energy. It’s been making me feel better. This card though, made me nauseous. Ugh. I’m going to go do a few minutes of yoga to turn this bish around.


One thought on “V of Pentacles

  1. Yeah the card is letting you know that anxiety and worry are not necessary. That you need to focus on calm and happy. I agree that it’s a pretty looking card too, though it’s more of an anxiety inducer than what it is actually saying, which is hey, be chill gurl. I know this is *cheating* but maybe you should separate out the negative cards for a while. So you can focus on the positive.

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