XIII Death

Photo on 1-30-16 at 10.50 AM

I decided, on a whim, to pull some cards. I don’t have much time so I was sort of rushing. Every time I shuffled the deck, they fell or something weird happened. I tried to pick the cards that gave me the best feeling but alas I chose two cards: XIII Death and X of Swords. Here we go.

XIII Death is a major arcana card that signifies change. X of Swords, I don’t know about that guy but it doesn’t look good. There is a bull with nine swords in his back and one going through both of his eye sockets. It’s safe to say that someone has a knife in his back. Here’s what the book says about both:

XIII Death: “Closure, Transformation.” “No one loves the sight of the death card in a reading. We spend most of our lives denying death altogether…so when this card appears it’s easy to get frightened or think it’s “bad.” don’t let the drama distract you from the message: something in your life needs to end. It needs closure. This will happen voluntarily or involuntarily. Either way, you will feel a positive transformation begin after the initial forms of suffering have past.”

X of Swords: “Ruin, Rock Bottom, Melodrama.” “When the ten of swords appears you’ve finally hit rock bottom. You’ve let others walk all over you while you play the victim. Is it possible that you love the backstabbing and drama too much to move forward without it? If not for drama…what would you focus on? It’s time to find out.”

So, first I want to say that this is the second time the Death card has showed up for me in relatively close readings. I haven’t been pulling cards this week but the last time I did, it showed up. I thought it might be about my job or my health. I think it’s about my health though. I’ve been feeling like I need to get back on track. I’ve been getting really sick of my own impulses. I’ve also been feeling pretty energetic lately. I think it’s about time I put that energy to good use.

So about the X of Swords card, there is a bit of drama and backstabbing going on in my life right now in that there’s someone who is intentionally blocking me on something and I can’t figure out why. I have my thoughts on why but I don’t know definitely why. I don’t know if this person is misunderstanding my intentions or if they have an ulterior motive. This person and I normally get along great but when I get near this subject, they get real tense and defensive but won’t give me a clear understanding of why. Because it’s related to something that is important to me, I have to move forward as I will. I’d rather have this person’s support and guidance but they’re not willing to give it to me so I guess I’ll need to trust myself on this one.

Okay, I gotta GTFO. We’re heading down to Philly for Robin’s birthday party. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I gotta go get ready!


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