Kristyn’s Birthday


Man is it a good one. I took off work yesterday for her birthday and it was nice because we woke up, had breakfast, opened presents, then went into the city to go to the NBC Studio Tour. It was so interesting and cool to be there. We accidentally got to see them rehearsing for SNL. The tour guide says that they normally don’t allow the tours to see that and was surprised that they didn’t block us off from seeing it but there we have it. We saw Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Ronda Rousey who is hosting tonight. It was awesome. We saw Seth Meyers’ set and Jimmy Fallon’s set as well. We saw so many things and got to film a video. I’ll find out how to post it here. Nope, I tried and it’s not gonna happen. It just won’t allow me to BUT here’s the link for posterity. I was also able to download it.

Afterwards, we went to Wichcraft, a sandwich place inside 30 Rock. Kristyn was NOT IMPRESSED with her sandwich but I liked mine. She was still hungry and we had some time to kill so we went to the Rock Cafe which is an upscale dinner place. We had a hot toddy, some shrimp, and the best ice cream. After that, we drove to BAM in Brooklyn and saw Sarah Silverman perform. It was such an awesome day.


When we were leaving Sarah Silverman, it had started to snow. We went into Target to buy some impulse snow snacks and then drove home. When we got up in the morning, this is what it looked like:


It snowed for about 27 hours; from 10pm on Friday night to around 3am on Sunday morning. We got about 27 inches of snow so that’s about an inch a minute. It was incredible. I’ll post more pictures of the weekend in a different post. I’ve been writing this post all week and it’s stopping me from writing anything at all. We had such a perfect weekend that I want to do it justice with words but I can’t because it was so great. Me and Kristyn decided I should just let the pictures do the talking so see above and below. Below Foof is looking out at the snow at Christine’s house. He loved it.


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