Our weekend


We had a pretty good weekend. We chilled a lot but we also went out and did some things. On Saturday night, we went to see Second City at the NJPAC. It’s was awesome. The picture of Kristyn above is outside NJPAC in front of the Robert Treat Hotel where my Grandma used to work. The picture below is of the Second City singing a song about being cute.


The picture below is just before Kristyn did her impression of leopard with a dead antelope. I can’t embed it here for some reason but I’ll see what I can do about that.


Here is Kristyn and Giles sleeping later. So cute.


I had the day off on Monday for MLK day. We went out to return some stuff we bought and to go to the Apple store because this laptop and her iPad have been behaving strangely. I took the below picture in Uniqlo. That’s Kristyn’s new favorite place because of all of the Heat Tech clothes. I did NOT buy this hat but I did buy gloves. She got a sweater and a button down shirt.


After the mall, we went to Houlihan’s to have her birthday meal. We go there twice a year because they give you a coupon for one free meal if you buy one in your birthday month. We like Houlihan’s but not enough to go there other than in our birthday months haha. Below is a picture of us with the Hogwarts lighting in the lobby of Houlihan’s. You can’t see it well here.


We took the picture below because you could see it better.


When we got home, I felt so sick and couldn’t get warm. Kristyn took the recycling out for both of us and also went to buy cat food for Elvira. She’s the gahdamn best. I still don’t feel right but I’m heading off to work shortly. Kristyn may have a lot of Heat Tech stuff but I don’t so this cold is absolutely miserable. Look at how cute she looks. Haha.


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