We’re at the Mall

Photo on 1-18-16 at 4.16 PM

Right now we’re at the mall. I just took the picture above in the foodcourt. We just had Cinnabons and damn they were good. We’re here to have the Apple store take a look at our things. This computer is behaving a little weird, as is my phone, as is Kristyn’s iPad. We’re just waiting for our appointment.

It’s also MLK, Jr. Day. I have the day off which is a change for this year. We don’t usually have it off. We spent the entire weekend inside though so it is nice to be outdoors even if that means that we need to be in a mall. I usually love the mall but today it’s giving me agita. I’m just in total sensory overload. There are two women who just walked up to the table next to me. I was enjoying their style but then I saw that they’re handing out fliers. I’m gonna need to get surly with them in one second. No wait, they are walking away, or at least one is. I think I won’t need to pop off.

In the picture below, we were sitting on the couch when Monster came up and stuck out his tongue. He does this when he’s happy and satisfied. I think he mostly does it for our benefit because it gets a big LOL out of us. A little tear escaped out of mine eye. It looks like a wrinkle/dot but alas it’s a tear. Okay we gotta go to the Apple store. Buy-bye.

Photo on 1-17-16 at 10.28 PM #2

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