VIII Justice

Photo on 1-17-16 at 7.04 PM

I’ve had kind of a stressful day but we just did a guided mediation together and now I feel much better. It’s a new thing we’re doing but there’s an immediate benefit to it. I feel so much better when I do it and so much worse when I don’t.

Anyway, I pulled the major arcana card VIII Justice. This is one of my two numerology cards because “8” is “my number”. As in all major arcana cards (especially one that is “yours”), you should always pay more attention when this card shows up. Describing the card, there are two cats in the center. Their stance is a mirror image of each other in that they are both looking over their shoulders at me with their tails entwined. They are also a negative image of each other in that one is white with black eye and one is black with white eyes. A diamond hovers between them. The diamond is split into black and white; the black half on the side with the white cat and the white side next to the black cat. A sword hangs point-side down over the diamond but between the cats. The background is all horizontal lines moving from all four corners and joining at the diamond. This card makes me think of balance, complexity, and differences of opinion.

The book says, “Decisions, Karma.” “With tails entwined, two cats look directly at you…waiting for you to choose between them. Which is right and which is wrong? The justice card implies a weight or heaviness surrounding a choice you have to make. Now is not the time to shun the concept of divine balance or karma. All of your choices affect your life, and sometimes lives around you…both now and in the future.”

Weirdly, my stressful day surrounded the discussion of weighty decisions that affect the present and future. It’s a subject that I’ve been dwelling on a lot lately and have come to a decision about. I don’t want to talk about the decision but it’s going to be a good one. More on that later.

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