IX The Hermit

Photo on 1-14-16 at 9.08 PM

Today I stayed home from work because I’ve been feeling really run down. I got up this morning and felt just absolutely EXHAUSTED or “shattered” as my Uncle John would say. Holy crap was I dragging. I still am but I slept a bit late but nowhere near how long I wanted to.

Anyway, I did three crazy things today. I bought a laptop, a camera, and a winter coat. The winter coat was something I’d done in November for Black Friday but returned it. The coat was beautiful. It fit me great, it looked nice, it just weighed like 50 pounds. That’s not something I’d be able to hack on a regular basis. So today I bought a light puffer coat that I will be able to go out and shovel snow in as well as wear it on a daily basis without throwing out my back.

The laptop is necessary because I’ve been using Kristyn’s. I can bring my work one home but at the end of a long day, that’s the last thing I want to do. Having my own personal “home” laptop will contribute to my creativity. I have fun using hers. When I’m on my work laptop though, I am programmed to fret about work (as well as to endlessly do it). My creativity has gone straight up since Kristyn finished her semester and I could get my sausage fingers on this laptop. I can’t wait until it comes.

The camera I’m excited about too. We already have two DSLRs but one is broken. I should probably get it fixed or trade it in. The other one works great but it doesn’t have video. The one we just bought has video. I’m looking forward to using that for some personal and professional projects. At work, we just came up with a cool idea for it. I’d been wanting to get back into photography anyway so it’s the perfect time.

Anyway, just now I pulled the IX Hermit major arcana card. I’ve never pulled this card before but I like it. The card shows a turtle sunken into a oval shell. A gas lamp sits on his back and fire emerges up inside of it. The lamp illuminates the dark all around the turtle.  The turtle looks content and it’s a very cozy scene. A small smile shows on his lips. This card makes me feel comforted and judged. I have been a total hermit in the last few years which is something that I need to change. However, I feel like the turtle, cozy and safe in my shell.

The book says, “Solitude, Meditation.” “The idea of being a “hermit” is not supported in our society…but in the realm of tarot they are the most celebrated and valued creatures. Through meditation, solitude, and stillness they bring wisdom to all. When this card appears it’s time to step back from the business of day to day life and focus on your inner realm. Become more self-aware. If you’re intrigued by meditation, start now. Spend time by yourself. Your inner fire is ready to be lit…it will shine for all to see.”

Oh I love this! I literally just sat and did some organization for how I want 2016 to go. I listed all of the Master’s programs and classes I want to or HAVE already enrolled in. I also created a list of the work travel I have to do in 2016 and then created a calendar and entered it all on there. I also listed all of our monthly bills, create a school loan list, and a list of the bills we need to pay off. Oh! I also created a list of ways that I want to explore to try to make money. It’s a lot of planning but I need to organize it somewhere or I’ll forget it. I keep having to search back and forth for all of this info which puts me in a constant research loop. I’m already feeling a lot more calm about it.

Also, I started meditating last week. I didn’t carry it over to this week for some reason. I didn’t carry any of my good habits over to this week like a jerk. It’s so weird because I have literally all the tools I need to do everything that I want to do. I just need to effing do it! Ugh. Haha.

Also, more horrible news! Alan Rickman died today! So unbelievable. The world lost a lot this week. Ugh.


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