I just watched a video with Steve Harvey talking to an audience about the concept of “jumping”. I linked it above and I recommend you watch it. It’s a pretty interesting metaphor. In a nutshell, “Jumping” is taking a chance. His metaphor is to imagine that you’re standing at the edge of the “Cliff of Life” and you see people floating by but you’re still standing on the ground. How did those people get up there? They had to jump. When you jump, the parachute opens up for you. He said that the parachute will probably fail at first and leave you bloodied but if you can continue on, you’ll float with everyone else. He said that most people think, “I can’t take any chances because I have a job.” He was like “That just means that you’re living check to check and you can’t buy anything anyway.” He urged everyone to jump just once in their life to see what living is like.

First, this reminded me of LA. God was that a jump. And yes, we got so bloodied by that jump. Boy did we suffer out there sometimes. For the most part, it was awesome though. It was such a lovely dream and an interesting part of our lives.

I guess why this video resonated with me is because I’ve been thinking a lot about what my next big project should be. I love my job and I’m not leaving unless they drag me bodily out of there. However, I also read something else today that stuck with me. Happy people create pockets of happiness in their lives so if you lose one thing, you have another thing. I’ve been trying to think of ways to pursue things that I love while making money at it. I’ve also been looking into school. Last night I started putting together information about the schools I am interested in so that I could look at them side-by-side. There were some clear winners emerging. Still, school is sort of just another distraction from doing something real in a way. I mean, education is always good. It can open doors that you didn’t have the ability to open before. I think that’s important. Still, when I’m talking about doing something different with my life, I need to jump again. Start a business, write a book, do something with my spare time that gives me something that’s for me and can’t be easily taken away. School is like that too but I guess a part of me is just so tired of being in school that it’s difficult to commit to. One program that I’m looking at keeps emerging as the victor though. Maybe if I did one class at a time, I could get it done. It’s online too so it wouldn’t take up too much effort and drama to complete. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Anyway, it’s an interesting analogy and I’m going to keep it in mind. I gotta go get ready for work. I’m exhausted this weekend still. I think I need to sleep late and catch up on all the sleep that I lost last week. If I’m going to get up early, I really need to get to bed early. Bye.

P.S. Update: I just read this article on Autostraddle that is all about the same thing. Taking a leap into business. So weird when everything comes at you like this. Also, they have an entire archive of articles like this so I’d better get reading.

All the Best

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