I slept a bit late this morning so I didn’t get a chance to write, exercise, or pull my cards. I did it because this waking up early is really tiring me out because I’m not going to bed early; I’m just waking up early like an idiot. It’s Kristyn’s last week before she has to go back to school so I’d prefer to stay up late than get up early.

That said, getting up early and exercising every day last week made me feel amazing. Getting up late and not exercising is making me feel bedraggled. Lesson to self: This is important. Make time for exercise and getting up early and going to bed early. I think I won’t do it on the weekend though if I can help it. I think it was a mistake to get up so early this weekend. It is tiring me out like whoa this week.

The above picture is Kristyn’s spoils. She just went to Shop Rite and hit the can can sale. Haha. We’re straight up Moms.

The below picture I just took of myself at my desk. The reason I’m making this face is because it was the only way to smooth out the wrinkles on my eyes. I don’t mind having wrinkles on my eyes but they’re WORSE this week because of my non-sleeping marathon experiment.


I have to go back to working but I just wanted to do something for myself over lunch. I really want to stretch or go for a walk but it’s effing 20 degrees out today. Today is not a day for wandering around Washington Park. It’s a day for parking it at my desk, and leaving on time so I can get back into my PJs.

Come hell or high water, that’s what I’m doing today! Okay, back to werk!

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