Father of Pentacles

Photo on 1-12-16 at 8.00 AM

You know how sometimes you take a thousand pictures of yourself before giving up and being like “Oh, that’s just what my face looks like right now.” That’s me in the picture above. I’m sure Kristyn would say “You look cute!” I look a little crazy because I just woke up. I backslid on getting up early today because I am so effing tired and I’m tired of being tired. That said, it wasn’t really worth it. I’d rather be tired. At once point I went back to sleep for a half hour and it felt like 4 minutes. I’d rather have the time. I just need to go to bed earlier.

Anyway, two things:

1) I just learned that it’s Mercury Retrograde which is supposed to make things go haywire which could be why I’m pulling all of these negative negative cards. I’m a wannabe believer in astrology so I’ll take this as a point of fact because I gahdamn can.

2) I just found Nicole Georges’ Instagram and Easy account. I’ve been wanting to draw a graphic novel for years. Kristyn’s drawing a comic now for her professor about their trip to an immigrant detention facility. It’s inspiring because it’s coming out so good. I just need to sit down and do it.

3) There was a third thing I wanted to say but I’m to sleepy to remember what that was.

Anyway, I pulled the Father of Pentacles. I’m MUCH more jazzed about this card today. The card is supposed to be an elk I think. He sort of looks like a mouse with big horns. Anyway, the horns are rainbow-colored. There is a pentacle between them that is radiating out lines of light. Looking at the colors of the horns and the radiating lines, I feel a lot of hopeful, positive energy. However, looking at the elk-mouse, he looks sort of like “Not so fast.” He looks like he’s giving me a cautionary look as if to say “Things might be great but don’t take them for granted.”

The book says, “Steady, Entrepreneurial.” “The father of pentacles is a steady, gentle man. Upon first meeting he can almost seem dull because of his extremely calm temperament. But underneath is an incredibly passionate man who prioritizes the stability of his job, family, and home. he is entrepreneurial and diligent at work. A true pleasure to know.”

I think that this card is giving me everything I need right now. I’ve been thinking constantly about becoming “entrepreneurial.” Every degree or avenue I look into is to find a way to become more entrepreneurial to have a side income to build on. I love my job but it’s a fickle mistress to work for someone else because they could decide they don’t want you at any time. Not having something built up on the side is scary and I think I’m at a point in my life where I could just give myself what I want. It just takes compartmentalization. Like I can’t work until 8pm every night when I’m supposed to be working on my side business. But that also means that I need to be there on time then work as efficiently as possible when I’m there. I’m always trying to work more efficiently but it’s a work in progress. In 2016, I’m going to go into business for myself somehow. I’ve had some ideas on how I want to do it but nothing solid yet.

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not but this week we were going through our bookshelves and finding stuff to donate. I stepped back and said “I’m going to try to sell these.” We NEVER do that. We always donate because we know we’re never going to get around to selling them and we want other people to benefit. But this time, I want to see what happens when I try to sell my books. I don’t have to have a big business running. I just need to open a small shop on Amazon and then let people find the books. If no one buys them in a few months, I’ll just donate them. No harm, no foul. BUT that’s what we should do with the bottom shelves on our bookcase: things to sell. This way we know immediately where they are.

Another interesting thought I had was to take some paintings that I made and upload them to Redouble and/or Society 6 to allow people to make stickers, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, phone cases, etc out of my artwork. It’s just sitting there on the shelf all passive-like and I could be making money off of it. I could also upload prints onto Etsy.

I would also like to write a book and graphic novel but those are LOOOONG cons. in the present, maybe I should open up my blog and try putting a banner on it. I just want to test run small ways to make money to see what happens.

Hmmm. Okay  good ideas. I’ve got to run and get ready for work. I was spared from a 9am meeting today which is nice but I have so much work to do today that it’s crazy. I have to  hand in my self-appraisal and one small one for someone else. Wish me luck!

Sally Jessy.jpg

P.S. I also bought these classes this year and then didn’t wear them. In fact, I have two pairs. We were playing lego Hobbit yesterday and I put them on because the writing on that game is way too small. I thought I looked like a less stylin Sally Jessy Raphael so I took this bedraggled picture right before bed. So now you have pre-bed and post-bed pictures of me bookending this blog post. We all win.

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