XV The Devil

The Devil.jpg

I can’t write for long because I have to leave for work but I decided to pull one card and a second came along with it. I am NOT HAPPY about these cards already haha.

The first card I pulled was the Major Arcana card, XV The Devil. Knee-jerk reaction, this card is the devil so it can’t be great. Looking deeper into it, there is a goat with an upside down pentacle on his head. He’s sort of smiling and his feet are burning with red, yellow, and orange flames. He seems like he’s happy to see me.

The book says, “Addiction, Negativity.” “Though it may feel frightening when the devil appears in your reading, this card carries an urgent message and must be interpreted with total honesty. The darkness of the devil card takes the form of addiction, negativity, or materialism. It can indicate an ugly relationship with a person or substance. Identify this dependency and how it’s holding you back. The devil’s hooves are strong and relentless – their grip will not loosen unless a conscious change is made. Free yourself.”

I think, if I’m honest, that I have an addiction to sugar. I know that seems so benign and lame but it’s true. I’m a sugar addict. My dietician recently told me that sugar lights up the same part of the brain that cocaine does. She wants me to cut it totally out of  my diet 100%, including any sort of food that can turn into a lot of sugars. I’m starting to think she’s right. For those few weeks where I was getting off of it, I felt great. Now that I’m back on it, I feel terrible. I need to make it a treat and not a staple.

The second card is VII of Swords. I’ve received this card before. Seven cards hang over a fox who is curled up with one eye open. He’s comfortable but watchful.

The book says, “Secrecy, Self Interest.” “Six swords hang in plain view while the seventh is tucked under the sly fox’s tail. So goes the story of the seven of swords…a secret is being kept. Either you’re the keeper or the kept-from, and it’s time to identify which. Deceit and avoidance linger in the air. Face the cause of secrecy or risk ostracizing yourself.”

I always miss the fact that there is one sword hiding under the fox. My cards have been really negative recently. It’s so weird how they go on upswings and downswings. I keep pulling cards that hint at betrayal, secrecy, etc but I can’t think of anything that might be amiss. I am not keeping any secrets myself so obviously one is being kept from me. If that’s true, I guess I have to just wait and see how it plays out.

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