Stuff and things: Photo Edition

Kristyn's Birthday Burger

Kristyn getting her birthday burger at Red Robin’s last week.

My Walk

Me on a walk during lunch last week.


My company’s “Technochurch”.

Getting to Work and New Kicks

I think my new kicks get a “100”.

Kristyn in the Study with the Tarot Cards

Kristyn in the Study with a Tarot deck.

Kristyn at UCB

Kristyn in front of UCB last week.

My Favorite Wedding Picture

My favorite wedding picture of us.

Elvira is Cold

It was really cold last week and this is how Elvira coped. Photo credit to Kristyn.

Our Engagement Photo at ER's House

My favorite engagement picture of us. The rest were lost in an iPhone backup disaster.

Us at Christmas with Danna and Robin

Us on Christmas with our cousins Danna and Robin. We love them!

A Terrible Picture of us in the early aughts

A turrible picture of us laughing in the early aughts.

Grandma and Baby

A picture of my Great Grandmother (Grandpa Barr’s Mom). I don’t know who she is holding. Perhaps my Dad or one of his brothers.

Me and Mom

My Mom and me in 1980.

Sisters in the Park

Me and Christine standing on a fountain in West Hudson park.

Sisters in the kitchen

Me and Christine hugging in front of the fridge on Woodland Ave. My father made us put on his Scotland t-shirts specifically for this picture then made us hug so you can’t see the shirts. He took the picture from the kitchen chair he sat in all the time. There was a lot of costume changes and pose guidance for such a casual shoot.


My Mom, sister, and me doing a pyramid at my cousin’s wedding. This is also the first day that Kristyn and I started dating believe it or not.

Mother's Day Card

My Mom WASN’T drunk at this event by any stretch but we were having a silly time and she asked to take the above picture to look like she was drunk. I did and then made a Mother’s Day card around it. My Mom sent me a picture of the picture the other day.

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