Our Saturday

Us and UCB

This is us outside of UCB last Saturday waiting on standby to see Grandma’s Ashes. Alison, Jeff, and Alec were on the tickets line.

Yesterday, I got up at 6 like I’ve been doing this week. I ended up napping from 1-2, had a horrible nightmare and got up. We were sooooo lazy all day until around 8pm. We just watched the Mindy Project and chilled. Then we got up, I bounced into the shower and we did SO MANY AWESOME THINGS.

We took down all of the Christmas decorations (except for the actual tree and star on it) and brought them into the basement. The decorations are downstairs but we wanted the tree up for another few nights because the lights are bright and pretty.

However, we also re-arranged the kitchen into a much more pleasing order. We moved the toaster oven, the coffee maker, the electric teapot, the blender, all of our cookbooks, candles, notebooks, etc. We also put away the food processor and basically found new homes for a lot of things in there. The result is so much more aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

We then came into the study and went through the bookshelves. Both of us want to start getting rid of things that aren’t really blowing our skirts up and can be easily replaced if necessary. We created two shelves of books that we haven’t read yet and want to. Then we organized the rest of the shelves by Graphic Novels, Feminism, School Books that we want to keep, etc. We have a huge box of books. I’m going to try to sell them on Amazon as a lark. Typically, we’d just donate them but I’ve been thinking lately about creating passive streams of income for myself. Basically, I want to see what goes into doing something like this.

Anyway, organizing the study lead to organizing the books and DVDs on the shelves in the living room. We put all of our video games together, all our favorite movies that we love but don’t want to watch right now together, all the books we love but don’t want to read right now, all the TV seasons that we love but don’t want to read right now together matching like with like. Then we created a shelf that houses all the DVDs we haven’t watched yet. I got a lot of old classic movies for Christmas, plus a season of Alice. We also have a few different seasons of classic shows that we either haven’t watched at all or haven’t finished. We also put all the seasonal Christmas and Halloween movies together. So good.

I realize that I’m legitimately needing out right now but I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks. Our apartment is a disorganized mess I feel like. Anything you want to pick up, you have to move something else to get to it. When you go to move the other thing, it falls over OR it knocks the thing next to it over. Maybe it’s not as bad as that. I AM a clumsy person but I feel like everything has to hit the floor before I can do what I actually intended to do. That, to me, says we have too much stuff.

Anyway, I’m going to go write about the tarot. I’m mad at it. You’ll see why.

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