III of Swords and Father of Swords

III of Swords and Father of Swords.jpg

Guys, I shuffled the deck four times again and STILL pulled the III of Swords from the deck again. How?


SO, I had no choice but to pull again and I got the Father of Swords.

Are you for real?.png

I just picked that card! Instead of describing each card, I’m going to put the book’s definition of each and then free-associate.

For the III of Swords, the books says, “Betrayal, Heartbreak, Turmoil.” “A dark and complex card, the three of swords is rarely a welcomed sight. Its wrath may come in the form of lies, betrayal, cheating or heartbreak. There will be emotional entanglement and confusion. Do not try to make any decisions while in this state. Wait for your heart and spirit to mend.”

For the Father of Swords, the book says, “Fair, Analytical.” “Like all the swords family, the father has a gift for perception. He has a distance ability to remove himself emotionally so that he can truly see situations form all angles. He is therefore respected by others, they usually describe him as fair or just. He’s a responsible man, with deep ties to his family.”

Okay, I should have analyzed the second one because if I claimed it, I didn’t know that’s what it meant. I think I was thinking of something else.

You know what? I don’t really feel like free-associating on either of these. They’re tying into anxiety I have about work because it’s review season. I know that I did well for my first year in this position but I know that I have  what we call “areas of opportunity” to look into next year. The good news it that my company has a philosophy that everyone has “areas of opportunity” because no one is perfect and we’re all constantly growing and learning. I just have to correctly identify those areas, collaborate with my boss to achieve them, and go get’m.

I just get so anxious around this season because it sucks to have to write up an entire document around your own performance and then to have to be confronted with one as well. It’s never as scary as I think it’s going to be but it’s an uncomfortable experience nonetheless.

Well, I am going to post one more post that’s just pictures that I want to share.


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