I also wanted to post this picture of Foof because LOOK AT THAT GAHDAMN FACE. He’s such a little Foofaroo and I want to pinch those cheeks and LOL at his cute mouth forever. Seriously, I don’t know why his mouth makes me laugh. It’s legitimately just a baby human mouth but for some reason, it’s so cute to me that I want to laugh forever at it.

Man oh man did this little boy just get a heap of presents too. It was his birthday just before Christmas and THEN we had Christmas. My sister and bro-in-law’s house was filled to the brim last time I saw it. They said that by Christmas morning, he got sick of opening presents and refused to do it. Now THAT is a good problem to have. “God, I’m so SICK of everyone buying me gifts Mommy and Daddy.” Haha. He can’t talk but if he could, that’s what he would have said. Nah, I feel him though. For him, he can only rip pieces of paper off a gift one tiny shred at a time so each one is like a giant project. You can only be game for so long before you need a break. I almost just made an Excel analogy here and realized that I spend too much time at work. Opening presents is nothing like working in Excel. The analogy was something about almost being done with an Excel document but then it crashes, you lose your work, and then need a break. The reason the analogy doesn’t work is that when working on an Excel document, no one wins (except me because I nerdily love Excel).

Maybe I should go back to bed. My brains are scrambled like the egg I just ate.

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