Nana’s Furniture (Updated)


L-R – My sister, cousins, and me on Nana’s Couch.


Good old Facebook wayback machine. Last night Facebook burped up a “things you posted on this day every year” post (as it does) and yesterday a few years ago, my cousin posted this picture of all of us cousins sitting together on Nana’s furniture. I can’t find an actual picture of the furniture but I was looking for something like this too to commemorate how many special memories this furniture had in our family. If we are lucky, two of us and a buttcheek would fit on this furniture now (not including lapsies). The furniture is SMALL because it was OLD. Looking at us all on here, Kristyn mentioned that this is a hello from Nana. I hope so! We love you!!!


I know I’m not going to be able to find a picture that does it justice so for now I’m just going to talk a bit about it. We finally threw out Nana’s furniture last night. It was ruined in Superstorm Sandy. I had inherited it and for various reasons, was never given it. It got flooded out during Sandy and was thrown on the curb. We saved it and put it into storage, first at my parents’ house and then in a storage facility where it cost us over $100 per month. After about a year and a half of that, we brought it home this summer with the hopes that we could restore it. I got some super-high quotes from an antique furniture refurbisher and wanted to make it my goal to do it. We were going to attempt to strip the furniture ourselves to cut down on the cost but when Kristyn opened up the side of the chair, she found mold in the wood. From what we’ve read online, once mold is actually in the wood, the furniture isn’t likely to be saved. We had it in the yard under a tarp since then just waiting to 1) Be able to deal with putting it on the curb and 2) To remember to do it on big garbage day.

I’ve been dying to put it on the curb lately because I was ready to let go. I was so honored to find out that I could have that furniture and so crushed when everything that lead up to it being destroyed happened. My relationship with the person who facilitated that has never really recovered although I want to let it recover just because Nana wouldn’t want us to fight (though she would understand my anger for sure.) That furniture meant a lot to her as it was her Aunt’s and she painstakingly refurbished it herself then kept it in pristine condition. She’d be pained to know what became of it but further pained to know what lengths I went to to keep it. I know she’d be telling me to give it up. It’s been four years since she’s been gone and three since Sandy. It’s time to let go.

But first, a few mems:

On the chair, I used to look forward to going and sitting in in every year. When I was little, the chair used to completely encircle me. Because the chair came up over my head. All of us cousins would track how big we were getting by how we fit into that chair. Also, my cousin Marianne loved sleeping in it so every time I see that chair, I also see her sleeping in it which is funny. I also have a picture hanging in my living room of my Great Grandma (Gram) sitting in it as her husband stands beside it. I had wanted to refurbish the chair and then hang that over it.

We used to take pictures on the couch with all of us cousins sitting together. Because we were all kids, we all fit onto it. In one picture I can remember, we all had tape on the bottoms of our Christmas shoes. Nana had hardwood floors and didn’t want us falling or scuffing the floors so the first thing she’d do when we came over was put masking tape on the bottoms of our slippery shoes.

Anyway, I can’t find good pictures and I gotta go. My toast is ready and I have to leave for work. Last night the last thing we did was put those chairs on the curb and by this morning when I looked out, they were gone. I wanted to say something about it to mark the occasion because they were special to me. I’m mostly over it. I’ll never fully be over it but you gotta move on.

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