Father of Swords

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Today I intentionally chose two cards. Initially, I was going to select from the top of the deck which was the “Daughter of Wands.” At the last second though, I chose the card at the very bottom of the deck, “Father of Swords.” Out of curiosity, I picked the top card too. I’m going to analyze both but focus on the first card I actually picked, “Father of Swords.”

The Father of Swords is a beautiful card that I don’t think I’ve ever selected before. As the “father” of this clan, he has age and therefore, wisdom. He’s depicted as an owl who is looking at you dead on with an accusatory stare. He’s perched on a rainbow sword. This seems like confidence and also a generosity to me. It seems like he’s bestowing something on me that I’ve earned.

The book says “Fair, Analytical.” “Like all the swords family, the father has a gift for perception. He has a distinct ability to remove himself emotionally so that he can truly see situations from all angles. He is therefore respected by others, they usually describe him as fair or just. He’s a responsible man, with deep ties to his family.”

I can think of a person that I can apply this to. This person is definitely analytical and fair. This is a person that I respect and who I’d like to respect me. I don’t know if I’ve given this person enough of myself to earn that respect but I surely want to keep trying. I think this person is fair enough so they don’t dislike people easily but I think if you do end up having this person dislike you, you’ll be the one hurting, not them. And not because they will do anything to you but because you’ll know you really messed up. I never want to get to this place with this person because I like and respect them myself. I’ll keep that in mind.

The second card I selected is the Daughter of Wands. I’ve chosen this card before. I don’t remember the meaning but I think it was positive. Looking at the card, I see a snake coiled into a figure 8 around a single white wand or branch. The branch is blooming with pink flowers. The snake is red, yellow, and orange; signs of raw life. This card is also beautiful as it is aesthetically pleasing but also the shape of the figure 8 is stabilizing and comforting. This card makes me think of harmony. It makes me want to think of “infinity” because of the figure 8 but the effect is sort of broken because the snake looks like it’s going to slither away. Either way, the snake is concerned with beauty; both in the wand and flowers, but also in itself.

The book says “Visionary, Passionate.” “The daughter of wands is a free spirit, a truly visionary creature. She usually waits until later to settle down or start a family, as she’s busy with her career. She can be stubborn, and much stronger than she looks. As with all the wands family, the daughter makes a dangerous enemy. This card can also represent a woman going through a transformation or spiritual breakthrough.”

This card also reminds me of a person that I know who I’ve been questioning in my mind lately. I like this person a lot but I think they’ve been intentionally leaving certain information out when talking to me so that I won’t have the information that I need. I haven’t figured out why though because the type of information they’re leaving out is innocuous but just important enough so that I have to work harder to get at it. Maybe that’s just the game, “Don’t make it easy for Coleen.” I haven’t done anything to this person that I know of. Maybe it’s just my paranoia. A lot of roads lead back to my own paranoia.

The other way I can interpret this card is as myself. I’ve been a free spirit who waited until later in life to start a family. We talk about it all the time now but the longer we wait, the later it is. I wouldn’t say that I make a dangerous enemy. I definitely am not a person that you want to push up against a wall because when I finally get that angry, I’m very angry. However, it takes me a long time to get angry and as angry as I get, I calm down as easily. I’d rather not get that mad.

So lately I’ve been doing a lot to get myself into shape because I want to have a family. For practical reasons and personal reasons, I want to and have to be in better shape than I currently am. I hope that this is where the “much stronger than she looks” comes into play.

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