Brie en Croute Update


One last thing before I go get ready, I forgot to update on the Brie en Croute:

  1. It looked and smelled so good. Man alive was I proud of myself.
  2. I even made another things of biscuits to eat WITH the brie because it said you should have crackers or crusty bread on hand to eat it with (which I didn’t think of) and I had bought two things of biscuits not knowing how much I’d need. See below.
  3. If you look at the picture two down, you’ll see how it looked after we’d eaten some.


Guys, it was good at first and very, very quickly quite sickening. We realized that neither of us like brie very much. How much we loved it before is a testament to how well the winery made it OR a testament to how well they made all the wine we drank.


While we were doing this, Giles was wearing a scarf and Elvira was feeling it. If you look at the carpet, you’ll see all sorts of black flecks on it. These are pills coming off of a new pair of sweatpants I bought recently. Kristyn is going to kill me because these sweats are shedding absolutely EVERYWHERE. We stopped trying to clean up after them because it’s futile. The pants need to be washed and hopefully that will stop the shedding.


Here’s Kristyn chilling on New Year’s Day with Monster. These hangy 2016 decorations turn backwards for every picture.


And here is my flurry of New Year’s Eve bitmojis. I sent these to my family at midnight and they ignored me for the most part.



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