Past, Present, and Future


I had intended on writing a post like this on New Year’s Day. However, our New Year’s Day (probably much like everyone else’s) was so gahdamn lazy. More on that later.

I decided to do a “Past, Present, and Future” reading for myself asking the question “What should I focus on this year?” again.

I pulled the VII of Wands for Past, the X of Pentacles for Present, and the IX of Cups for Future. Here are my thoughts below.


The VII of Wands shows six wands that have fallen to the side and one that has risen up with a red, yellow, and orange flame radiating light in the darkness. I’ve had a difficult time in the past decade and I think this fire is my constant doggedness to improve my situation.

The book says “Courage, Inner Strength.” “A single wand stands up tall, ablaze with light. The others fall away in shadow. Such is the story of the seven of wands. You’ll not find any strength or support from others, only yourself. Time to be truly courageous and stand up for your beliefs. You may feel overwhelmed with caution and fear, but your internal fire will guide the way.”

Boy did it. I’m only starting to come out of that fog of turmoil. Because of that, I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I never trust peace.


I pulled the X of Pentacles. This card shows ten pentacles in a diamond formation. The diamond is in the center of concentric rainbow circles. This feels like harmony, life, and prosperity.

The book says “Fulfillment, Abundance.” “The ten of pentacles signifies material and spiritual abundance in nearly every area of your life. The number ten usually indicates completion, and in this case the journey was well worth it. So be generous, not only with your money but also with your wisdom. Provide guidance to those who struggle. You will be rewarded tenfold.”

I truly have had an abundant year, even though we lost someone very close to us (Rich). It’s so crazy that we can have so much in a year with such loss. Before I sat down and created photo collages of some of the high points of our year. I had to stop eventually because there were so many high points. Tonight we’re going out with Alison, Jeff, and Alec; first to their house for pizza and then to UCB to see “Grandma’s Ashes”. I’m looking forward to it.


I pulled the IX of Cups which I also pulled the other night. I think it means “Bliss, Harmony” if I remember correctly. The card certainly makes me feel that way with it’s horizontal blue, green, purple, and pink lines. It works looks so nice alongside the X of Pentacles and VII of Wands.

The book says “Bliss, Harmony.” “Alas…the card of wishes come true. When nine of cups appears, worries and fears will be cast away. A new phase of peace and harmony awaits. The world seems to be granting your every wish. Good health, happiness, and even material gains are heading your way. Enjoy.”

I’ll take that for sure. Like I said, the pessimist in me is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don’t like thinking that way because I am superstitious that negative thinking brings negative things into your life. I also think that way because I never want to get complacent or arrogant so that I expect the good times to stay. I want to always remain humble, surprised, and thankful for what I have. I always want to appreciate every good thing that’s in my life because I know for sure how ephemeral it all is. One of the best takeaways fro moving to California was the value of a dollar. I mean, I’ve already forgotten a bit because I have been spending ludicrous amounts of money lately for Christmas. However, I am well aware how easy it is to lose all the comfort you have. We were POOR in California. We were wildly poor. It was one of the craziest things I ever experienced. You can always fall much farther than you think.

I think for 2016, I need to get out of the house more. I’ve been a shut-in in 2015. The pictures I’m going to share in the next post will make a liar out of me but it’s true. In 2015, I spent the first half of the year working my ass off in school and at a new job. We had a two week trip to the UK and then I threw my whole self into work. Kristyn’s had the same year only it was school on either side of the UK Trip. She’s going to have the same 2016 as well. I am looking into school myself but not at the pace I was going. I think I’m going to have a wild year if I travel as much as I think I might have to for work and as much as I want to for personal reasons. However, in between all of the chaos of that, I want to take my creativity back. I want to expand my creative side and really get back to the things that make me feel like myself. I said this all in the last post, I’m just driving it home for my own brains.

Okay, I’m going to do another post that has a lot of pictures of our year. I already shared this on Instagram and Facebook but I think that it should be here too for my own mems.

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