2015 in Review

2015 was a pretty intense year. This morning I made collages of ALMOST everything that happened to us. I couldn’t include everything because I have 8,000+ pictures on my phone that are basically 100% 2015.

In the photoset below, (L-R, Top to Bottom) we’re at a RedBulls game; at a pumpkin patch in New Paltz, NY; me and my Dad at Jets preseason game; Kristyn, Amber Benson, and Me at Audible; Grandma, Kristyn, and me at Kristyn’s Rutgers award ceremony; me, Dad, Foof, and Grandma on St. Patrick’s Day; me, Dan, Frandy, Colin, Ali, and Kristyn at their movie premiere; me, Elvira, and Kristyn at the Neversink River; the Scorsones and Nortons for Kristyn’s parents’ wedding anniversary.


We graduated! These are pictures of us with our family; me with the Scarlet Knight; Me and Kristyn on her graduation day; and us with our Diplomas thank god.


Christine, Matt, and Foof came Upstate with us for the Fourth of July. We celebrated that holiday, Christine’s Birthday, and the fact that we finished college! We also went to see Amanda Palmer which was awesome.


We had a surprise Tea Party at Aunt Margaret’s and Uncle Jeff’s for Grandma’s 80th. She had no idea and was so surprised. They had a sundress for her to change into and she looked so pretty. We also had a bagpiper, a Photo Booth, and a bartender that served Margaret Barr-garitas. We had a little too much fun.


We went to Edinburgh, Perth, and Glasgow, Scotland, then to Leigh-on-Sea and London, England. We met family there, I saw my Grandpa, and we saw where my family is from. So weird because that could have been my life! Weirdly enough, it would have been just as nice as this one because my family over there are so nice and have the exact same sense of humor as my family over here haha.

Oh, in these pictures (L-R), we’re on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh with a bagpiper; at Platform 9 3/4 in London; drinking whiskey on a stoop in Edinburgh; with Aunt Rose in Leigh-on-Sea; with cousin Mary, cousin Jamie, and Aunt Hillary in Perth; with Aunt Hillary and Uncle John in Perth; with my Grandpa and Uncle George in Glasgow; at a Celtics game in Glasgow; at the People’s Palace in Glasgow with cousin Gordon.


When Aunt Rose, cousin Robin and cousin Andrew came from the UK and Australia to visit. We all went to my cousin Lynn and Bob’s house to hang with them. There are too many people to name in these pictures but this is my father’s side of the family; my immediate family, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Second and Third Cousins as well. We had a great time.


For Halloween, we went down to Brick and all dressed up (obviously). From the top L-R, Matt, Foof, and Christine; Kristyn, me, and Dad; then this is my cousins on my Mom’s side; me, Mom, and Foof; Dad and Mom; then all of us.


On Thanksgiving Eve, we drove down the shore and dropped Grandma off at my parents’ house. We borrowed an air mattress from my Dad (because he has 7,000 of them) and in the picture below he’s blowing it up while Kristyn supervises. In the morning, we took this picture with Christine, Matt, and Foof. I took a picture of Foof looking like Linus; the pictures of Grandma with the turkey on her head and Charles with a not-crying Foof were taken while we were at Kristyn’s parents house but so good.


We had Thanksgiving dinner at Kristyn’s parents house.We played Pie Face and I laughed so hard that my ears hurt. It was so fun.


We took Foof to the Turtleback Zoo’s Christmas lights display. In the top left picture I’m showing him how to make a fish face. It was making him LOL and he tried so hard but couldn’t do it yet haha. Then we all took pictures with inanimate objects.


For Kristyn’s Dad’s birthday, Charlie had us pose for a family picture and it came out so great. I’m glad he made us take it. that’s a framer for sure.


For Foof’s 2nd Birthday, we all had a good time. Foof was more with it this year and enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t get many pictures of anyone and wish I got more of Matt’s family. I should snag some off their Facebook pages. Oh one thing to remember is that Santa came to see us. We waited outside in the cold for like an hour for him to come but it was worth it.


On Christmas Eve, we went to Alison’s  house and had a great time although we missed Rich a lot. On everyone’s way out, I forced everyone to take pictures. They kindly obliged haha.


On Christmas Day, we went to Aunt Margaret’s house. I should have added more pictures to this collage. I was just learning when I did this. Anyway, I’d say that there were four highlights: 1) When Uncle Ken dressed up as Santa, 2) The Santa piñata (not Uncle Ken), the White Elephant gift exchange, 4) Grandma’s surprise.


For New Year’s Eve, Kristyn and I decorated the house and ourselves. We drank two bottle of champagne with raspberries in it and made empanadas (spinach, corn, and black bean) and little snacks. We danced in the living room, drew tarot cards, and watched New Year’s Rockin’ Even (although we’d have preferred to watch Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin) (we got rid of cable this year rendering that plan impossible).IMG_0244

We had a helluva 2015. Here’s hoping for one that’s equally (if not moreso) fun!

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