Son of Cups

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I pulled three cards asking the question “What should I focus on this year?” Really I should have asked “What leftover should I focus on this year?” because my question is really one that’s more appropriate for tomorrow.

Anyway, the first and most important card I chose is the Son of Cups. I love this card because the swan looks serene. He has a chalice with rainbow energy emerging from it. This makes me feel like I should focus on what’s in front of me.

The book says “Artistic, Introspective”. “Like all of the cups family, the son truly excels within the arts. He’s usually a musician or a visual artist of some kind, and he find success within his field. His natural tendency to look inward adds to his charm and mystique. To others he may seem secretive and even peaceful, while deep inside he carries a dark kernel of intensity.”

What’s funny is that I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity lately; in that I’m lacking it ever since we left for California. I used to consider myself to be a very creative person and I never questioned it. Now I wouldn’t define myself that way. I’ve been looking up classes or Master’s programs I can take and I’ve been drawn to something more creative. I guess that’s what I should focus on this year.


The second card I drew is the IX of Cups. I accidentally looked at the initial meaning so my interpretation will be colored by that. Either way, I love this card. It is beautiful. There are nine cups lining the card with a crescent moon at the top. Blue lines rise to pinkish purple lines up towards the top of the card giving the impression of a sunset on the water.

The book says “Bliss, Harmony”. “Alas, the card of wishes come true. When the nine of cups appears, worry and fears will be cast away. A new phase of peace and harmony awaits. The world seems to be granting your every wish. Good health, happiness, and even material gains are heading your way. Enjoy.”

I LOVE this card and also, it’s true. Lately things have been coming up roses for me. I have had some minor health issues recently but I’ve risen to the challenge with them. The holidays are majorly throwing me off but I think I can get back on track once they’re over. I’m reading Michelle Tea’s book right now and as a former addict, she talks a lot about her days as one as compared to her sober life now. Although I am not an addict, I can relate to the messy part of her life in contrast with her current, more together one. I wouldn’t say  that my life is exactly where I want it to be just yet but it’s coming along nicely and I am very lucky.


The third card I selected is the X of Cups. A more skeptical person would say that the cards were not shuffled properly. I promise you that I shuffled them four times. I shuffle them four times every time I draw a card. Anyway, I love this card too. There are ten cups on this card; five on either side radiating colorful energy and light. This card makes me feel hopeful and makes me want to connect to my creative self.

The book says, “Radiating Energy”. “The ten of cups overflows with positivity. Your goals are being realized and the excitement surrounding you is magnetic to others. You may feel as though light or color radiates outward from you – almost like you’re shining. Experience sensations like this with an open and joyful heart. Do not doubt this power.”

I feel like the more I do better at work, the more confident that I get. The more confident that I get, the better I do. I think as I move into 2016, I need to continue to tap into this confidence but I need to expand it into improving myself. In the first half of the year, I was solely focused on improving myself with school. Once I graduated, I focused on improving myself with my job. I still think I have a lot of work to be done there. Thankfully too, because I hate it when I’ve maxed out at a job. In this current position, there are so many different ways to go that it’s very exciting. However, I’ve been feeling very lopsided; like I’ve been giving too much of myself to my job and not enough to myself. Right now, if I were to lose my job, I’d be devastated because it is the only thing that defines me and the only thing going on in my life. No one is putting this pressure on me but me; believe me. My boss and colleagues kind of don’t know that I’m doing this to myself and when they catch wind slightly, they demand that I go home and knock it off. They don’t want me to tire myself out but I’m tired of feeling dragged behind my job. I want to be in front of it forming things to the way that makes the most sense to me. I intended to put in as much of myself as possible to get caught up. I’m starting to feel that way so now I think it’s time that I put energy back into myself; my health, my creativity, my home life.

In other words, I DO have a radiating energy, I just have to hone where I radiate it towards more equally.

I’m going to go pull Kristyn’s card and ring in the new year!

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