Brie en Croute

Brie en Croute

I worked from home today and yesterday. I will again tomorrow. It’s nice to be home with Kristyn, the cats, and the Christmas Tree. I got a lot done too because everyone else is on sleepy staycations for the holidays. I don’t mind working at the same time when everyone else is partying because I’m doing it in peace. That said, I’ll try to save some vacation days for next Christmas and New Years so I can have some holiday partytime too.

Right now, I am in making brie en croute. I’ve never made it before so I have my fingers and toes crossed. Kristyn and I had the most amazing brie en croute in Temecula, California. We were on an extremely boozy wine tour there and when our third winery offered it, we IMMEDIATELY PURCHASED IT and ate so much of it right away. We had so much left over that we brought it back to the room and binged on it again later that night.

What I’m making now is not that. What they had made was a huge LOAF of fresh bread with a big wheel of brie, garlic cloves and god knows what else inside. What I am making is a mini wheel of brie cut in half and then stuffed into Pillsbury flaky pastry. The one half has olive oil, garlic cloves, and basil inside. The other half has a raspberry/honey jam, almond slivers, and fresh blueberries inside. While they’re cooling, I’m going to make a batch of the same flaky pastry crescents to dip into the cheese. To be sure, my dietician did NOT tell me to do this. There’s gonna be some splainin’ to do.


I’ll post again when it’s done so we can compare the picture from the recipe I followed with the reality of what I actually made.

Also, I’m reading Michelle Tea‘s How to Grow Up and it’s actually killing me how much I love it.

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