Bull in a China Shop


Today is one of those days where, whatever I touch, the thing next to it falls on the ground. I have picked so many things up off the floor today. Also, I got so frustrated with it that I threw a bunch of things in the bedroom and kicked a bunch of boxes. I never get destructive-frustrated but I am today.

Other than that, I’m in a pretty good mood. I got a lot of stuff done at work today which was nice. I’m so gahdamn sleepy though. It’s not even 9pm and I want to go to sleep. It’s all I can do to keep my eyeballs peeled. I made the mistake of taking a nap around this time last night and ended up staying awake until after 2am as a result. I should probably just get into bed and wake up really early tomorrow morning. Knowing me though, I’ll just sleep that many more hours.

We had a great holiday. I am going to post some pictures of it when I get a chance. Right now, my brains are far too addled to be useful in this endeavor. What am I even saying? Time for bed.

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