Pals, this year I’ve been working on learning the tarot for two reasons:

1) Since I graduated school and had more time in my life, I wanted to get all mystical again.

2) I have always wanted to learn the Tarot.

3) I wanted a good writing prompt.

Tarot, to me, is meditation. I like shuffling the cards, meditating on a question, then analyzing the card. The card is a suggestion for you to interpret however you see fit. I’ve certainly had weeks where the cards show me a negative or positive pattern and it’s been surprising because I don’t necessarily believe that the cards are “trying to tell me something” moreso than they are a self-reflection tool.

That said, my cards have been pretty good lately. I’m going to post my one-card reading in the next post.

I use the Wild Unknown deck because it is the first one that “called to me” in years of looking. From what I understand, “your” deck is supposed to “call out” to you. For years, I would look at decks in mystical shops and nothing seemed to fit. This one is animal-based, hand-drawn, self-published, and really simple. Anyway, onto the reading.

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