Son of Pentacles


I pulled the Son of Pentacles. I really don’t think I’ve ever pulled this card before, even once. It looks like a young stag is in the forefront of the card. There is a red, yellow, and orange moon encircling a pentacle above the stag. This card gives me a feeling of peace and calm.

The book says “Loyal, Quiet, Dedicated.” “The good side of the son of pentacles is that he’s loyal and determined. He’s inventive and can be trusted wholeheartedly. But sometimes this figure becomes stubborn and persistent to a fault. This combined with his quiet nature results in him being hard to get to know and socially awkward at times. He commonly has only one or two close friends as opposed to many.”

The question I typically think about when I shuffle my deck is “What should I focus on?” It’s a good, general question that should really be asked in the beginning of the day. However, I didn’t find time to write until 9:21 pm. So be it.

To interpret this card, I think it represents Kristyn in some respects, and me in others. Kristyn is loyal, determined, inventive, trustworthy, stubborn and persistent. She has a (mostly) quiet nature but I wouldn’t call her socially awkward or hard to get to know. I think that part is me. I have been “a loner, Dottie, a rebel” for a while now. It’s partially because I want it that way but also because we’ve been so busy for so long trying to get our lives up to speed. I feel like I’ve spent all of my 30’s trying to BECOME something. I guess you never stop “becoming” things.

Anyway, I’ll focus on Kristyn, determination, inventiveness, and trying to branch out and be more social.

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