First day of school and I’m already exhausted


We went camping for the fourth this weekend and it went much too fast. We did manage to go swimming in two pools in two states yesterday. That is how you do summer.


I also read one and a half Miss Marple books and played a marathon Gin Rummy sesh with Kristyn. She didn’t want to to outside at all this weekend but I forced us to go outside and play by the fire.


I am also taking a summer English Literature class at Rutgers. It’s a Renaissance Lit course and it’s subtopic is “Sense and Sensation”. It will focus on how a focus on ghosts, mysticism, dreams, and demons were directly responsible for the Renaissance. Skeptics paved the way for science, and used the senses not to imagine what the world was made of but to prove what it was and was not made of. Interesting BUT today is 91 degrees out, I’ve worked to for eight hours, drove and hour and a half to and from school, sat through an hour and a half class in the stifling heat, and just went food shopping. Now I’m waiting to pick Kristyn up at the PATH. I have 100 pages of Plato to read, am supposed to write another 1300 words for NaNoWriMo and the ceiling in our second bedroom fell down. I need a nap.




This Foofoo makes it all betta:


And this one too:


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