Writing writing writing


I wrote another 500 words in my novel today. It’s weird how long it takes to write so few words. Yesterday I fell short of my 1600+ word quota but I was just pleased to have done it at all. This book is gonna be a motherfunkin MESS when I’m done with it but writing is rewriting as they say.

I was supposed to get up at like 4am to do some overtime for work and didn’t wake up until 11am. Ridiculous. The latest I ever sleep is 7:30am, even on the weekends. What a cosmic joke today is.

Oh BUT! It’s the Fourth of July! AAAAAND it’s Christine’s birthday.


It’s a rainy day so we’re probably going to end up reading and writing and watching “All in the Family” and cooking and chilling and building a fire. I hope someone sets off a few fireworks to cap it off. I’ll be drinking some tea and beer and relaxing the day away with Wink.


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