Alright guys

Here is me and my little nephew Foofie last month.

Here is me and my little nephew Foofie last month.

I’m back. Talk about a hiatus. I can’t believe that the last time I wrote on this blog was in the summer of 2011. It is now July 2, 2014. Three YEARS have gone by. I kind of undid my blog with that face project. I moved that project over to another blog and then found it impossible to keep working on it. I think it got within two days of my goal and bailed. Typical.

That project tanked my blog but I’m sort of glad for it too. Before that project, I enjoyed writing for the sake of writing but with that project, it became about sharing pictures. And then I got paranoid about writing on the internet which you can see from my old posts that were about virtually nothing.

In a way, I’m glad that I did that project and wrote those posts because I have a visual memory of almost every single day that I was in Los Angeles. By the way, we moved back to New Jersey in July 2012. I got laid off from my job and we decided that three years of being away from home was enough. Today, July 3, 2014, is actually two years to the day that we got home to New Jersey. How is that for kismet?

When we drove into New Jersey, it was the strangest feeling. First of all, the trees were incredible. LA has a lot of beauty but not a lot of trees. It was striking to see how green the east coast is. Second of all, New Jersey people are intense. We went to the Tick Tock Diner and to Target in Clifton on the first night back and were so scared of everyone. It was overwhelming.

Since then, a ton has happened. Little Edith has scampered off to Kitty Heaven as of last Fall. Obviously Superstorm Sandy happened as soon as we got back which caused me to take my current job. (I didn’t want to travel into New York City because of the wrecked subways so I took a job at a publishing company close by.)

I also put on a lot of weight because of all of the awesome, cheap food they have here haha.

When I look at those pictures from three years ago, I see a totally different person entirely. It’s weird because on some level, I am still her, but I am also this different person by necessity. I kind of want to merge those two people.

Anyway, I’m currently taking a fiction novel writing class with Amber Benson. It’s online with the Writing Pad in LA. I wish I’d taken advantage of their classes when I was there but alas. I am also starting a summer class at Rutgers New Brunswick next week.

I am re-starting this blog to get back into the habit of daily writing. I still have some fears about putting myself out there on the internet, but for some reason, it’s important to me to have an instant audience in order to write. It’s also apparently important for me to write under the “Buberella” moniker if I’m going to do it. I’ve tried to revamp myself so many times over the years and it’s never stuck. I never feel inspired enough to keep going.

So, friends and foes, here I am.

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