Day Two Hundred and Thirty-three

Saturday was mostly THE WORST, thanks to almost everyone in my immediately family (besides Charles). I won’t go into why because I’m not gonna give it a second thought, not worth it. Anyway, it was a LONG day and I was alone for most of it because Kristyn was at work. Thankfully she got home at a little after 9pm. We ate the other half of our spinach & garlic calzones and sat outside looking for campground options for my birthday weekend trip. We didn’t come up with anything solid but probably narrowed it down to a few different places. We got cold so we came in and chilled, had some brownies. We watched some Louie. Kristyn fell asleep at one point and then momentarily woke herself up by shouting out the word “BUTTS”! She fell back to sleep IMMEDIATELY. We both slept for a while over there and then went to bed around 3am.

If you were ever wondering how I’d look with a chinstrap or 5 o’clock shadow, here you have it.


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