Day Two Hundred and Thirty-four

Sunday was LEAGUES better. We got up and had some breakfast out on the lanai. Then we Skyped with Kristyn’s parents for an hour or two. We got to meet their new little kitty Magic. Turns out she is about 13 or 14. Such a pretty baby. So we had fun talking to them and then it was time to get ready. I decided I wasn’t gonna sit in the house all day long again so I went with Kristyn to work so that I could have the car. After dropping her off, I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up a specific notebook that I like to use for writing up “To Do Lists”. It’s a cheap little notebook but I like that it’s hard-cover, spiral bound and I like the paper in it. It’s also always in the clearance section and last a long time. When I had that notebook I got SO MUCH STUFF DONE. But I decided I didn’t like it because it wasn’t a proper planner and therefore didn’t have a calendar. So I bought a little day planner and I don’t like it. It’s not spiral-bound and I don’t like the paper in it at all. And in the meantime I’ve gotten used to using my iPhone’s calendar for appointments. It’s better because it sends me a reminder text message when something is coming up. Done.

So I did that and then wandered around the Westside Pavillion Mall for a while. I had some Chinese food at the food court and went into Bath and Body Works to smell stuff. I didn’t buy anything. Then I drove to Target to pick up some things. Ironicallly, I didn’t get two of the only things Kristyn sent me there for. One thing they didn’t have and the other I just totally forgot about. BUT they did have some organizational stuff on sale though so I bought a big wire shelf (to hold boxes and plastic containers) for the closet and a little wire shelf to put the printer, scanner and paper on. What’s great about this apartment is that, although it lacks in storage space, it makes up for in blank wall space because the only window is the patio door. So we are able to put up shelves and store things vertically. Not bad.

So I came home from the store and put the shelves together and then watched some more Louie. I picked Krissy up and was EXHAUSTED. That exhaustion has runneth over to today. So tired.

Anyway here are my attempts at taking a nice picture:

In the first one you’ll find that my hair looks crazy.

Below is my attempt at rectifying said crazy hairs. As you can see, it was unsuccessful.

Then Louie made me laugh a lot so I figured I would give you a toothy grin. Now you can see why I don’t do this ever.

And here is a poster for the Glee movie. WE ARE SO GOING TO THIS.

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