Day Two Hundred and Thirty

Damn, I thought I posted Wednesday already! I’ve been really busy lately and have been slacking on these. What an idiot. Anyway, on Wednesday I did a ton of organizing at work then came home, filled the tank and went to the supermarket. I just got home and relaxed for a hot minute when it was time to go get Krissy from work. Busy day.

BUT my parents had a good time. They went out on my Uncle Jim and Aunt Pat’s new boat. I don’t know what the dickens got into my Mother but she went tubing at the back of the boat! Haha. To understand my incredulity, you need to understand that my Mom is a person who’d rather sit next to a pool and nap in the sun rather than go into said pool. She is a person who sits on beach and listens to the water, wandering to the shore to get her “ankles” wet rather than going full tilt boogie into the ocean. She’s the gal who will hold everyone’s stuff while you all go on a rollercoaster that is destined to give you brain damage. She’s just not a thrill-seeker (in that way). So for her to sit on a plastic tube that is attached by a rope to a boat and be DRAGGED along…THAT’S BIG haha.

Here are some pictures that my cousin Kelly and my Dad sent me.

And here is my Dad. He is usually the one who dives straight into a pool without wading in first to see the temperature. He’s the one who swims WAY OUT into the ocean to the buoys and back just for fun. And the person who has taken me on some seriously crazy roller coasters WHILE HE HAS BROKEN RIBS, sitting casually on the boat, taking a pass and fretting about my Mother haha.

This is a picture that my Dad took of the bay with his cellie. Pretty right?

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